Afraid of Video Marketing? 30-Day Video Challenge. Day 1 to 5!

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The Thirty Day Video Challenge

All right like-minded friends, you may be asking me now: Why did you decide to put a video challenge on a “Personal Achievement” part of your blog? It is a challenge, right?

Here is what “Wikipedia” says: A challenge is a general term referring to things that are imbued with a sense of difficulty and victory.

Here I am with a new challenge for myself and I invite YOU to come along. Video Marketing.

Everybody knows that video marketing is important for network marketing, it’s crucial for success in business and all that. Unfortunately not everybody can do it. Why? It can tell you right now; it is intimidating. I don’t feel comfortable, I can’t remember what to say, I feel I don’t look good, my voice sounds weird, I get nervous and nothing, nothing goes right. After trying so many times I just can’t get one of the 10 videos uploaded. Does that look like you? If it does, it does, I can assure you you get so much better! After the 5th or 6th video I started feeling excited about it, more comfortable. I started even talking more than I suppose to 🙂  Join the 30 day challenge and, like me, you will ask yourself: Why didn’t I try this a long time ago? What a waste of time!

Darlene Davis had the idea of the “Free Thirty Day Video Challenge”. Andrea Goodsaid jumped into it.  Interest thing is, when David Gilks really decided to show his videos to our Mastermind Partner Program, he really inspired us to get out there and do the same.  We need to do a video per day(or post it) during 30 days, no excuses!  It is so hard, we are all being so sincere about this. It’s a big challenge and we are all, afraid, nervous, shaky, scared to hell, but doing it! David Gilks, Theresa Key, Kim Smith, Raena Lynn, others still joining it.  I started on a beautiful afternoon, Sunday of May. Don’t you think we all love what we are doing? Challenges, yes we all need challenges!

As our friend Kimberly Smith partner said : “the best part is we’re all stepping out of our comfort zone TOGETHER, and that makes it more comfortable.”

This challenge is for YOU, for me, for all of us to grow together.

Your comments, opinion, about the videos are much appreciated 🙂

Check out our videos.  If I can do it, yes, you can do it! You can start with my First 5 Days of the “Thirty Day Video Challenge” here and than go to the other pages!

Day 1 – Shaking as a skinny dog I talked about the Big challenge that I got myself into..

Day 2 – I set next to Katie Freiling!!!! @ Unstoppable Entrepreneur Event- we shared inspirational thoughts/ideas!!


Day 3 – I talk about my life, where I was born and tell Darlene Davis where I was on Memorial Day!

Day 4 – The Day I LEFT MY JOB!  FREEDOM & able to do what I LOVE? Priceless!!! Sorry the emotion but i was soooo HAPPY! I resigned from my job (a part time with full shift ). I’m happy I figured out how to have a better future for my family now online, and not when it’s too late.

Day 5 – Shift, Change, Open Your Mind!

If you liked the videos, leave a comment. If you didn’t like, leave a comment anyways 🙂

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