7 Rookie Video Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Many professionals do not incorporate video into their overall marketing strategy for various reasons as we have recently discussed. Video marketing helps you get more clients, position yourself as the expert in your niche,  the authority  in your field and increase your brand using video. Right? Yes, but there are some rookie mistakes that you just don’t want to make.

That’s what it will be covered in this blog post so you can start, or re-start creating your videos the right way!

Watch this video to get all the tips well explained through different images and examples!

PS: This video was recorded when on vacation in Brazil. Don’t miss the end where a share a little surprise I had when going for a walk in the  park!

Here is the link as promised!

Video Marketing Mistake #7 – Being Boring

How not to be boring?

  • Remember the cardinal rule of content creation – It’s all about the viewer, not you.  Your only intention is to provide massive value to your viewer.
  • You can make some of your videos like telling a powerful story.
  • Make it short and to the point.


Video Marketing Mistake #6 – Poor Camera Movement

To stop this, you need to..


Video Marketing Mistake #5 – Poor Lighting

Oh! I cringe when I see people don’t use good lighting.

One of my students bought this kit. Watch this video to see what Jim Talbott thinks about one of my my recommendations!!

Video Marketing Mistake #4 – Poor Audio

What you need to do is,

  • Check for any background noise for example – air-conditioner, refrigirator going, overhead planes, vehicles, birds, etc.
  • Check your audio before you start shooting
  • Use an external Mic. For that, make sure your camera has a microphone jack . If not, maybe its’s time to buy a good-low-cost- benefit-camera like this one Kodak PlayTouch
    Always thinking about low costs so you can take action, I’ve chosen 2 recommendations of microphones for you:
  • You can use a very cheap wired microphone and wired  like this one:  Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Microphone  
  • Or you can choose a better one and wireless like this:

    Audio Technica ATR288W VHF Battery-Powered TwinMic Microphone System

Video Marketing Mistake #3 – Improper Editing

To avoid this you need to,

  • Learn how to use a video editing software.
  • When adding music to your video, make sure about the levels. We need to hear you, not just to the music !
  • Avoid distracting transitions

Ok, couple more to go…

Video Marketing Mistake #2– Poor Framing

You can avoid this by,

  • Focusing on the eyes on your talking head videos
  • Use rule of thirds. If you don’t know the ‘rule of thirds’ watch this video to learn all about it.

Video Marketing Mistake #1 – Not doing videos!

You can avoid this by..

  • Making a decision to do video
  • Blocking out a filming and/or editing day
  • Make it simple
  • Ask for help! And talking about that click here to have access to all the things you need to master to become an authority presence in your space using the power of video.

Those are the most important mistakes I’ve selected to show you and help you avoid them. Now, I want to know about you. Are there any rookie mistakes you can identify yourself with? What steps are you going to take to avoid them? Love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

This is Vitoria castro “Helping you express your message using the power of video” and I’ll see you on the next videos and blog posts!

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