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Hi there!

I am Vitoria Castro and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I would like to share my knowledge, experience, ups and downs, how I have managed to go through everything and what I have learned in my life.

In spite of having the privilege of getting to live and experience 12 different cities earlier, I still would like to explore other places and experience more.

My birthplace is Brazil and I have been fortunately blessed with incredible and wonderful parents. They have always encouraged me in becoming my best self.  I have learned about giving more than expecting to receive from others and that’s how I intend to be for the rest of my life. I also have two wonderful brothers and they always make me happy and laugh for no reason over the phone or just being around them. We hang out just like old friends every time we see each other. In short, I have a very supportive family. I simply cannot imagine my life’s journey without all of their help and love.


My downs

After completing the Visual Arts major degree, I started my master’s degree in photography. I also was a teacher once. Unfortunately, I could not continue with photography as it had a lot to do with the memories of my past marriage.I wanted to start fresh without anything from the past. I was in search of a new life, a new project, a new path. Those of you who have been married and then divorced will understand what I have been through. I am glad I decided to end my marriage at the right time instead of wasting my time trying to make it work. I decided to get rid of everything from my life which reminded me of my past relationship. I wanted to begin my life with everything new and starting off with a new project was one of them. I did it! I changed my dreams, my projects, I grew a lot and now I have found the true love of my life! After so much suffering, now I look back and feel that it was worth it! It really looks like it was meant to be. I have an incredible life of love, sharing, partnership with my caring and loving husband and now I understand what marriage is meant to be. There is no perfect marriage though. That’s why life is interesting. We are always looking forward to get better in every aspect and that’s what is important. We appreciate each other’s company, understanding, patience, love.


The Interest for Internet Marketing

Right after we got married, my husband lost his job. It was an unpleasant thing to happen at the start of a marriage. We got closer than ever since then. It is true that all things happen for the best. After years pass by we realize that the growth, trust and strength that we always give to each other actually helped us to grow together and love each other even more. My husband has got a good job and we are so thankful for that. But I think nobody can fully rely on the shaky economy forever. Thinking that way, I started to look out for information regarding different online businesses. I took my husband’s help and he found me a wonderful health and wellness network marketing company (online) which I joined right away. This was on April 2010. I can’t be sure if it was before or after that when I started having some “health” issues. I will get into details in a bit, but those issues caused me a really slow process of growing in every aspect of my life since then. I couldn’t concentrate. I found that previously easy tasks were very difficult. My condition didn’t allow me to grow myself and especially on my new business. But even though I had difficulties such as irritability, lack of energy, not able to focus, lack of sleep, lost of memory and other problems related, I did not lose my interest on online business in general. I started on personal development and new strategies to grow my business without spending so much money. After searching different online systems that would help, one fine day I got to know about the “The 7 Figure Networker System”. I truly recommend it. Among the many ones that I found and studied, “7FN” was the only system that I felt was a moral and ethical entity guided by integrity and principles-based values. This system teaches in step by step process about how to build an online business. You interact and network with like minded people helping you to grow in many areas. I learned with them to share and how that can be helpful for someone that is starting. That’s why I feel I have my opportunity to help others here on my blog. I can share all that I have learned. I have researched, found out tips and the best ways possible to grow online business without investing so much. Many times not even investing a penny! Most of the network companies ask for a tremendous amount of money for you to get started. I learned that is the hardest and inefficient way to grow. You always can grow your way to the top without spending. Online strategies are the right path for that. If there is a will, there is a way and you don’t need to spend that much especially in the beginning to be successful.


A new journey to learn about myself and sharing a solution to whoever needs

I suffered from depression before in my life but I did not want to share it with anybody. It made my life worse because I was suffering without telling anyone. By doing so I didn’t get the help that I needed. I regret that since I would be better now and having a great and what is called a normal life for quite some time.

Why am I sharing this? I am sharing this because I want to break the myth about depression.  It is important that we seek for information online, visit the doctor, do acupuncture and whatever it takes for us to feel better and get back on track. Due to my negligence I realized very late that my body was actually lacking in a particular kind of hormone and that’s why I had depression!

Depression is NOT a “mental” illness; it is actually a physical illness. Depression occurs when there is a chemical imbalance in our body. The body sometimes stops producing Serotonin which is what keeps us balanced and happy. This is not something we have any control over. It just happens. Hence, to recognize that make ourselves feel better before it gets worse.

Giving a detailed account to the doctor about any unpleasant symptoms if you think you are depressed.  The pressure of the economy might be one of the reasons for depression as many fear losing their jobs in such situations. The treatment for depression is really simple.

Do not let depression steal away your life without you even knowing it.

I keep my depression away by keeping myself busy with my Blog, my Facebook, my YouTube, my Twitter and everything that I’m creating! Months ago I had no strength to even get up. Now I work out, create interesting things online and simply love my life. By believing that it’s possible to have a better quality of life, we can actually get better life. I’m still learning how to deal with it though. But the sooner you admit it and face it the better your chances of creating the good life you deserve. You can always count on me if you need any help.


Why I decided to get ahead with Online Network Marketing and Video Marketing as my new dream?

The reason for this is that I met people online who are ever ready to share and at the same time help you in growing your business. You don’t have to pay a thing to them. They tell you about leadership, personal development, and business, to keep learning, to achieve your goals, to master your business in your area. In fact, online businesses have no threats at all, everybody is doing something different. Everyone shares something new and different and everybody gains from it. The freedom of constantly creating something better is fascinating for me. I got into this business only a few months ago and I am sure that you too can do it.

I made sure my life always revolved around good relationships. This is one of the reasons why I am drawn to online network marketing and social media. Here, everybody helps each other, share content; create together with a purpose of growing together and prosperity in every sense. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about it. I want you to come with me, to come with us!

I shall keep on posting new topics for free in my blog which could definitely help you in some way or the other. I am inviting you into this journey of growing too…come with me!

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