How to Make an About Me Video II- Structure and CTA

About Me Video

2013-04-02_2011Hi there! Welcome Back! This is the Part II of the “About Me Video” series. Click here to access the first blog post on the topic How to Make an About Me Video. one. It is very important that you follow the structure of the Video for an “About Page”. Now let’s get into it!

Basic Video Structure

This is the basic structure that EVERY video needs to have:

  1. Intro
  2. Content
  3. CTA (Call to Action)

Watch the video below to better undertand each example:


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About Me Video Structure!


1st- Intro: Welcome Your Viewer with a Short Bio and a “Personal Touch”


This first part is JUST about You. Who are you? Where do you come from? Keep it short and to the point, but make sure to infuse your personality into it. It is up to you to decide what you want to share about your personal life but here are some examples: Tell where you are located, if you are married, kids or not, dogs, cats, routine, what you love to do, if you like to exercise, sports, yoga, life, hobbies, etc. VERY short, engaging and to the point since (to say the truth), the “About Me Video”is actually an “About Them Video“…


2nd- Content: It’s An “About Them Video” not “About Me Video”…

Truth be told: Either on video or on your blog, a viewer/reader whats to know what you have to offer and how you can help them. Period. Why are you worth listening to? How are you going to help them do something or achieve something? Do you offer advice? Entertainment? Hope? Tips?

In order for people to come back to your blog for more, they need to know they can learn from you. They’ll need to see you have something to teach.

“What’s in It for Me?”

Tell them what they should expect to gain when joining you as a viewer, reader, customer, or student. What will they gain by being a “returning reader?”


3rd- CTA: Always “Sell” Something Even if It’s F.R.E.E!

Consider this…

At the end of the day, why are you creating an “about me video?” Your about me page? Why do you have a blog in the first place? You may not know, but probably you have an inspired audience going to your blog and reading your about me page at this exact moment. And every single day! If you are not using that as an opportunity to bring them into your sales funnel, then why do you even have a blog?


Your Free Gift


There are many options on how to offer your visitor a free gift. In other words, you will give them something for free getting their contact information in return. You will add an optin form right below of the about me video asking for their name and email to get the free gift ( or just email as it’s becoming more popular).

As an alternative, you can add the opting page’s link below the video. It can be a free ebook, report, video presentation, video training, webinar, etc. You can show that at the conclusion of the story.

Your free gift will be the entry into your sales funnel, and it will help people to learn even more about you, serving as an extended “about me” piece. You can offer anything, but whatever you offer must be consistent with what you do, the knowledge that you have to share, what your services are about. It needs to be related to what you have talked about on the video and text.


Enjoyed the learning in this post? If you have any tips on which techniques work best for you, leave a comment! I will sure create another blog post with your tips and I’ll give you credit for it! Always leave your blog’s address 🙂 Let’s chat in the comments below.

Live with purpose,



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