How to Make an About Me Video – Part I

About Me Video

Most statistics suggest an “about me page” is one of the most popular pages on a blog. In this world that is becoming increasingly connected through the Web, it is extremely  important that you communicate your message and engage your audience in a personal, friendly and inspiring way. And for that, there is no better and powerful tool than VIDEO!


The Relationship

When creating a video for your “about me page” on your blog, think of a visitor as a one, unique, distinct human being that is in front of the computer watching you. He or she took the time to see you as a one person. Unconsciously they expect you to do the same in return. It’s a one-on-one relationship that is created. That viewer wants your exclusive attention. Your audience, your viewer want to feel that you are talking directly to them. Talk to them in first person. Treat it as it is, a conversation just between you and your viewer.

Watch the video to know what I’m talking about!

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A One-to-One Conversation Basic Structure

  • Acknowledge: Give your viewer a chance to get to know you on video, to know who they’re reading from and why they should read your blog posts. Let them know about what it is that you have to offer.

Getting people to learn more about you makes them more comfortable to do business with you and/or to buy from you in a short and/long term. It makes them more likely to read your blog regularly,  giving them a way to get in touch with you.

  • Know, Like and Trust Factor

With video you will deeply connect with your audience. You may want to have thousands of viewers coming to your blog and watch your videos. Although, I will remind you again: It’s one person that is behind the computer, laptop, phone device or TV watching you. Talk directly to that one person, look at the camera as if looking directly at his or hers eyes.

Video is the cause of the “phenomenon” called: Know, like and trust factor. Because of that, always show your true self and inspire..

  • Inspire to be Inspired

Your viewer is hoping they see part of themselves in your story. People are looking to be inspired by you, your story.

If you present yourself as a superhero, then your audience is going to have a hard time identifying themselves with your story. On the other hand if you paint your situation as one of both highs and lows, they’ll be less likely to be scared of the journey ahead. Plus, they won’t be thinking twice rather if you are telling the real truth or not.

Remember this: You can NOT lie on video. People perceive that. Honesty is what people are looking for. They want rue stories to get inspired. They want the extraordinary as well, but they also want the truth. Honesty is what brings people together. With that being said. Always be your true self on camera. Tell YOUR true story!


Final Inputs

The “About Me Video” can be used as an intro for your “About Me Page”. That means you don’t need to tell all of your life in your video otherwise your about me video will be too long and your viewers will not start watching it. A 1 to 3 minute long video is more than you need to show your true self and what you are about. Let the other details be shown as a text along the page. For that matter, adding your contact information in text is always an easier way for them to contact you “right on the spot!”

Those are my tips for the day and I promise there are more powerful tips coming up! Would you help me with that? Which ones work best for you? Are there any tips I’m missing? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Live with purpose,


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