Get Qualified Customers to Get The Best Online Business

Online business in order to expand it, you need leads and prospects. That’s a well known “statement”. But how can you get qualified customers and increase sales conversions?

No matter the type and how big or small your business is, the success of your business operation depends on the customers in welcoming the services or products you offer. To enhance your online business, it is important that you build great and mutual relationship with your clients and customers.


Facts: Create The Best Online Business > Now Let’s Pause For a Moment…

Already planning for the day after, I had created two videos for a blog post about video marketing (one of my passions). If you have your own online business, most of the things that you enjoy doing are related to your businesses. Would you agree? Ready to finish the written part of my blog post (but also multitasking), something caught my attention on Facebook.

There is this humbled, kind, lovely, smart lady from Thailand that I had met through a video marketing ( online business ) training some time ago. I admired her. She is always (I repeat, ALWAYS) positive, very participative and often gives that good advice combined with kind words < What a great mix! > You certainly know what I’m talking about. She is that kind of person that you just love to be around.

I got to see her blog. What a great message to start the day.


Online Business : An Amazing Story Of Life, Of Generations…


online business

Her name is Amnuai Beckenham and her village in Thailand has less than 400 people. I encourage you to read her blog post. It makes us reflect about life and it reminds us why we are here for. We should take that as an example of love, use it as guidance to grow ourselves to follow the right path in life. LOVE.

All the families in her village are related back to her great-grandmother who founded their village more than 140 years ago. Isn’t that AMAZING! (Often we don

’t even know our neighbors).

She says: “A village where Internet connections are very rare and I doubt if any adults in our village have even heard the word “Google.”

Instead of accepting the circumstances, she jumped into the Online Business World.


Meet Thai Silk Magic for Online Business

If you’re in business, usually one of your main goals is to provide an income to yourself and your family. Now, you can’t just be in business to make money and focus on how to get the best online business you possibly can – you have to love what you do and enjoy “helping” others, i.e. your clients or customers. Despite that fact, Amnuai had a goal: try and break the vicious cycle of debt that most families experience in her village.The Thai village handmade silk business was created with that concept in mind, the desire to help each family to have a better quality of life and also to make improvements to the education for their children.Take her business online was an important realization and over a period of 18 months with article, video marketing, forum and blog discussions, they improved page ranking…


The Concept Of “Business Social Media”

The concept of opening an online business, or whatever business for that matter, can be something that’s really daunting for a lot of people.  Seriously, business is  actually large and widely topic.
Merely when you really make turn to the center of online business, there’s a few things that’s  certain if you desire to have a hope at success.

Despite having a page 2 Google ranking and attracting more than 3000 visitors per month, sales were very slow.

They realized that the visitors they were attracting to their website were not targeted to their business specifically.  That’s when they were introduced to the concept of “business social media” which is to bring it to online business.

They made their website far more “social friendly” with links to their Twitter and Facebook fan page accounts.

“By simply being open, honest and willing to share and help in any way we could, things started to change and suddenly we were “talking” with lots of potential customers (B2C) and business partners (B2B).


Adding That Human Element Can Enable Consumers To Relate To Your Brand

She says: online business

“With more than 400 professional connections on Linkedin, more than 1000 “likes” on our Facebook fan page and more than 3000 twitter followers, I am now busy making sure that I can successfully merge these relationships together along with our YouTube channel that also has nearly 1000 subscribers and some videos with more than 10,000 views.

We will never will be or want to be a BIG business operation. Our supply chain will always be limited as all our processes are handmade.

However, currently we are fortunate enough to receive on average 3 genuine sales enquiries per day plus at least 1 exciting communication with a potential or existing B2B partner every week.

More than 90% of our business comes via participation in the free business social media and for our little budget strapped business, that’s a wonderful result.”


She Is On the Right Path But…

That’s the only Part that I do NOT agree: “We will never will be or want to be a BIG business operation.”

Growing online how they are, the only solution would be to grow their village also 🙂

We continue to discover new strategies to engage in social media in meaningful ways.

To get the best online business keep in mind: It is NOT about You. It’s about WE.

Vitoria Castro

PS: If you liked this post , visit  Thai Silk Magic and at least leave a comment. It won’t take long and you will HELP their Thai Village! 🙂

The Village says THANK YOU!

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