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Introduction to Video


With the modernization we experience nowadays, apparently, people’s mind became pre-occupied with various technologies. They opt to watch films using latest television design or even search for videos in some Internet sites. People opt to perform it frequently because they discover something beneficial for them and an introduction to video would be a plus. That’s right. It’s the power of video. Being a holistic one, humans are inheritably fond of socializing with others. So safe to say that videos became a medium in connecting people and aids them in building a feeling of relationship. With the importance it imposes to our life, as an entrepreneur, we should learn how to maximize its use. It is understandable that at first, we can be hesitant in incorporating videos in marketing our business. However, we can lose nothing if we try it.


Since we decided to free ourselves from fear that holds us back in utilizing video, next issue is, how can we produce a good and effective one? Well, if this is the problem, maybe some ideas reflected below may help in your introduction to video. Watch the video!

1- Feel free to Move

In an introduction to video, you must view yourself as an actor or actress. It basically means that you are dealing with a real scenario so don’t be hesitant to impose “real personality” in front of cameras. This is not easy especially when you have low self esteem (considered normal when getting started on video). You may feel anxious but it must not hinder you. To surpass this emotion, try to relax yourself using progressive muscle relaxation. In this manner, you’re just like putting some tension in your muscles then release/relax it after 2 – 3 minutes. Deep breathing exercises may help. Sometimes we are using our hands when talking to others. This is perfectly normal and can be perform while on camera. Moving our hands while talking can aid us in expressing our thoughts while relieving anxiety.

Movements provide focus as well as clarity, communicate your own desire and also interest. Tips to help you with movements:

a.       Vary your movements

Try to use different type of moves instead of repeating merely one.  Try to incorporate a variety of movements into your speech.

b.       Use movements which fit your message

Occasionally a point needs some kind of extravagant move; at some other times a more subtle move is way more effective when introducing video.

c.       Remain relaxed

Your own movements should flow with your own hands. Try to maintain your movements comfortable and also effortless. If you find a move makes you tense, drop it from the speech and replace it with anything a lot more casual and familiar.


2 – Smile!

What can you feel when someone smiles at you? Apparently, you may think that this person is approachable and friendly. That’s it. Smile can impose positive environment when socializing with others. Bear in mind that smile can also use in “awkward situation”. So when you have difficulties acting in camera, maybe a simple smile will help you overcome it. Introduction to video: you must get used to it.

It sounds easy, however it is the number one thing you can easily do to help make yourself appear more comfortable, likeable, approachable as well as attractive. -It says, “The voice with a smile wins”

Be certain you’re breathing regularly. Do not hold your breath.

Introduction to video tip: blink on occasion. It’s a natural lubricant for your eyes and will help you remain “bright eyed” – you’ll look less “robotic”.  Think of it as a smile in your eyes. It will give you confidence.


How Can You Smile for The Camera:


  • Take a deep breath. Holding your breath tightens the diaphragm and makes your smile look tight and forced.
  • Remember of happy thoughts. To look happy, allow your mind go to something light and funny on an introduction to video.
  • Relax your facial muscles, and your neck, shoulders and mind. Any kind of strain will show in the video.
  • Laugh with sincerity. To the highest degree genuine smile comes with a laugh that makes your eyes sparkle.
  • Energize the video when introducing to video.
  • Practice your smile. Spend some time in front of the mirror. Discover the smile you love and remember how it feels.


3 – Practice is a key to success


Obviously we want our stuff to be as good as possible. In this way, lots of people will be amazed and it will be the start of attracting consumers. In training, in an introduction to video at first, it is better to record and repeat your script at least 2 – 3 times so it could provide an option for your final record.

Accept that it won’t be perfect. You’ve got to get started on someplace. With practice you are going to improve.


4 – Prepare a good structure of talking:

introduction to video
  1. •        A great opening
  2. •        3 very good middle points as a reminder. Do not try to talk upon too many issues.
  3. •        a summary ( or a conclusion)

Also, think carefully just before you talk. Try not to get confused and try to talk fluently. Speaking fluently encourages you that you are doing right.

5 – Be authentic


People can easily see trough you. If you say it through, you will be fine! Tell a story, be yourself with a whole range of expression.

Introduction to video with authenticity..

Becoming an authentic just simply “DO WHO YOU ARE”. Be impeccable with your word. Carefully examine what you tell yourself, what you tell others, and when you decide to talk on an introduction to video. Utilize your word consistently to express and strengthen your values. Don’t  make assumptions. Always do your best while on an introduction to video. When you have truly done your best, there is no reason for shame.


6 – Be a lot more engaging

Due to lots of distractions, people’s attention span becomes short. With this, it is better to edit your video instead of creating a one long video clip. You may apply some music or sound effects images and so forth that will catch the interest of viewers until the video ends. Moreover, these paraphernalia’s will aid you in editing some awkward scenario, hence making your video a lot more enjoyable.

….Wikipedia says:

“Attention span is the amount of time that a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distracted.”

In an introduction to video, while producing one, we must bear in mind that always providing a good content by simply applying these rules may aid you in attracting lots of viewers.


Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions!


Vitoria Castro

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