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Online Video is a very powerful and effective resource for marketing your business.Vitoria Castro

However, your videos will have little or no impact without a video strategy.

Vitoria Castro’s Video Marketing Strategy Sessions are designed to maximize your results and ensure that you reach your marketing goals.

You’ll receive personalized and customized consulting and support from a video marketing and branding strategist by choosing one of the options below.

What it is:

All personal, one-on-one consulting packages are designed to “jump-start” your video marketing strategy and get your video plans on track. First, Vitoria will review your video marketing goals and discuss initial recommendations. If you select the full, hour-long consulting package, you’ll receive both strategy and a customized video marketing action plan.

What it will do for you:

Vitoria’s Video Marketing Strategy Sessions provide you with the ideas, information and resources you need to help build your brand and boost your bottom line with video marketing. These sessions will get you up and running on the right path!

How It Works:

Your Initial Video Strategy Session You’ll meet with Vitoria by phone or Skype for an hour to plan your overall video marketing strategy. Vitoria will review your goals and objectives and work with you to create an initial video marketing plan that’s customized to your specific needs.

Discussion will include:

• What do you hope to accomplish with your video? Visibility; Web Traffic; Improved SEO Rankings; Credibility; Conversions?Your goals with help determine your direction.

• What type of online video is best for you? Do you need a “web welcome” video for your home page? A sales page video to drive conversions? An instructional video to establish your expert status? A promotional video to market your product, service or launch campaign? Vitoria will review 8 different types of videos with you to determine your best option.

• What is your video message? What message do you need to convey? How will you deliver it? Do you need a script, or will you work from an outline? (Please note: Scriptwriting is a separate service with additional charges.)

• Will your video enhance and build your online brand? Is it part of a larger marketing strategy? What is the ultimate “call to action” in your video?

Your Video Action Plan:

If you choose the two or four session packages, you and Vitoria will discuss an action plan and review your video distribution. The focus will be on how to achieve maximum impact from your video, so you are crystal clear on your next steps.

Planning items will include:

• How to upload and share your video

• Where and how to distribute your video for maximum visibility

• Integrating your video with your social media platforms

• How to make the most of YouTube and video-sharing sites

• Options for making your video interactive and “actionable”

• Using video in your marketing plans moving forward

• Optimizing your video on your own website or blog

• Recommendations for next steps and follow up

Three and six session packages will allow you and Vitoria to create a comprehensive and integrated marketing and branding strategy designed to reach your goals and rapidly grow your business. These private consulting sessions are also ideal when you’re working with Vitoria to create customized videos for your business.

Package 1: One Hour Private Consulting, plus email support and initial strategy $177

Package 2: Two One Hour Strategy Sessions, plus email support $299 (you save $55)

Package 3: Four One Hour Strategy Sessions and Implementation Plan, plus email support $499 (you save $209)