My 30-Day Video Challenge – Day 26 to 30!

Day 26 Video Challenge – Which Online Business Opportunity should you choose to fall in LOVE with?

Day 27 Video Challenge – Thank YOU Andrea Goodsaid. I just want you to know how important you are to me…

Day 28 Video Challenge – How to Leverage Other People’s Skills to Build Your Own Business – Webinar!

Day 29 Video Challenge – My Very First Webinar!

Day 30 Video Challenge – Maximun Leverage Breakthrough – to Daegan Smith – Vitoria Castro

If you came to this page, more likely you’ve watched some videos that I’ve created. I truly appreciate the time that you took for that. Video Marketing was a HUGE CHALLENGE for me. It is for many others in the industry.
The Challenge – besides the fact that being in front of the camera is already indescribable hard, it ended up being also a time of struggle in my life. I encourage you to take your own challenge. If life start being hard on you, make a challenge of the challenge and never give up! Finish it and you will be amazingly proud of yourself. PRICELESS!

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