Help! I Don’t Wanna be a Perfectionist! Public Confession


Hi there!

Vitoria Castro Here and I invite you to join the “one-on-one conversation” here! Beforehand, I advise you: this is an exercise for “me” to get used to “myself”. So I’m very sorry for any grammar mistakes (plus I’m Brazilian and writing is not a skill that I’m proud of!).

This is my public confession and I need to finish this blog post quickly before I change my mind and don’t post it! EVER!  I’ll start writing non-stop. If you are perfectionist like me PLEASE DO NOT read it!

Long story short. I have started this Exciting Video Blogging Challenge with the Mastermind Partner Program and AMAZING friends where we suppose to blog everyday and have a video in it as well (of course 🙂 ) . The word “suppose” refers to me,  since the everyday part has being another challenge due to my perfectionism kinda way to be…for a living…lol

For the last few weeks I am creating so many things at once: changing the design of my 2 blogs, each and every page: about me page, work with me page, header’s video, contact page, etc has now a new text and a new video(that is done and I can not see it again otherwise I will re-re-re-do it all over again), I’m creating new presentations, updating information and creating new videos for my product. I have a outstanding content to put out there about video marketing(my passion!) . I’m trying to get it all done before going to Brazil this week.

That all sounds good, right? Well, if I can get at least ONE of them completely done it would be OUTSTANDING!

Thing is, in my eyes, they are NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! I know I can not be perfectionist. And believe me, I have improved in the last year or so. That’s why I was able to finish my info-product. But look at the picture above! That’s what I needed to have in my laptop’s background,  screensaver , everywhere to remind me all the time that IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE PERECT!

I know I have done a lot, grown a lot, helped a lot, but hey, if it was not this perfectionism kind a thing stopping me…..

Oh and if Andrea Goodsaid (the person that knows exactly how I am is reading this) she will roll her eyes once again and scream:  “VITORIA JUST DO IT!!!”…LOL

Well and talking about that, for the video blogging challenge, here is my video that was more of a conversation as well. Before recording I promised myself I wouldn’t try to be perfect. It’s the about me video for my blog that I finally could get done 🙂


 Click here to see the page

Now I’m here to ask for whoever is reading this post and feeling my frustration. WHAT do I do? I have tried it all, I even got better. I uploaded some videos that I will never watch again since I didn’t like the images, but the content was good and I knew it would help many. That’s why I uploaded them. But still, how can I stop trying to reach for the perfect?
If you could read this non-perfect  text till the end, leave me a comment below 🙂

Thank you for reading,



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