7 Easy Video Editing Tips to Make Your Videos Look Professional Instantly!

Easy video editing

Easy Video Editing. Possible or not?


You MUST edit majority of your videos. Why “majority”? You may want to have some raw – uncut videos depending on the situation => That would be 0.1% of all of your videos.




 WHY Edit 99.9% of Your Videos?

  1. By editing you will be able to convey your message more effectively. You do this by adding suitable text, music, and graphics.
  2. You can delete unnecessary parts from the video. For example – long pauses, your ammm’s and ummm’s, coughs, sneezes and repetitions
  3. Make your bad images look better
  4. Keep your viewer’s attention
  5. Brand recognition – You can add a video bumper with the same background music in every video. People will get used to your theme & recognize your brand!

Watch this video below to know what I’m talking about!

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Before you start editing you need to consider:

  • WHAT is it that you want to achieve with the video?

Once you are clear on this it will be easy for you to decide on the text, music and transitions that are best suited for the video.


  • If it is going to be a motivational message, you may want little bit of an upbeat music included in some parts of the video.
  • If you are giving a bunch of information you may want have text along with the video clips so that people can follow you along and pay attention.
  • When adding transitions between the clips consider if they flow smoothly or make it confusing to the viewer?

Easy Video Editing – HOW TO

Sure. To edit videos you will need to use video editing software.
You can get the latest version of Windows Live Movie Maker for free with your PC & iMovie with your Mac. These software will help you edit your videos to some extent.

If you want to do some advanced editing you can invest in software like Final Cut Pro (for Mac users), Sony Vegas (for PC users).

More easy video editing tips: For mac users iMovie would be enough for beginners. On the other hand, for PC users Windows Live Movie Maker is VERY limited. Sony Vegas’s cheapest version costs around $44 dolars and it’s more than enough for any beginner or intermediate level. 


Final Recommendations for Easy Video Editing..

If you don’t know how to edit, please don’t make it an excuse not to do video.
Easy video editing is not rocket science, you just need to learn and practice.
If time and technology is a challenge for you, it is very easy and affordable to get someone else to do it for you.

I don’t have much time to go into the technical part of video editing today, but feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below.

If you don’t have any questions let me know your experience with video editing! Do you enjoy the process? Love to hear from you, please leave your comments!

Live with purpose,


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