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Effective Video Marketing – Get The Traffic You Wanted On Your YouTube Video


A lot of people are using YouTube for entertainment and personal use. However, there are also a handful of people who use it for their businesses and use it to earn big or get high promotions. If you are one who aims to use YouTube for your own benefits and get “traffic”, then you should learn several techniques and apply them for an effective video marketing strategy.

5 Video Optimization Tips to Grow Your Business


YouTube is a community and since it started, it has gone phenomenal. Almost all people online watch YouTube videos and most of them have their own accounts. This is the first thing that you should consider when wanting to get traffic. You should know your market and learn how to get them. You can do this by being “relevant”. You should offer something to a certain market and the video should be searchable. Search relevancy includes having the right keywords, tags and links to provide an effective video marketing. Remember, you want attention and you need people to establish a connection.

Once you get people to notice your video, it’s time for the next technique to get real traffic and that is to engage them. Make your video not just interesting but informative. Most of the times, if you are trying to sell a product you want to have the quality information that people cant get somewhere else. After this, you can maintain the good vibe by having authority. So, take control of your channel and get the most backlinks, subscribers and friends, don’t worry you will get there when you post more optimized videos to get an effective video marketing campaign.

Watch the video below:


With an optimized video, viewership can increase by at least 400 percent. Here are some examples of video optimization.

1- Find a Good Keyword for Each Video

Google Keyword Tool
Know what people are actually looking for

Google Adwords
Get ideas of keywords and related keywords for your video

Get more ideas of keywords for Youtube.

A good way to create an effective video marketing campaign is to compare the keywords between those 3 free tools and choose the best one. Once you find the keyword for your video, it’s time for the next steps:

2. Name Your File Your Keyword –

You may think it’s absurd. No. Choose the title for your video and name your file with the same title that you will use on Youtube.

3. Add the Keyword in the Title

Not hard once you have already chosen the title of your file before uploading the video. Just copy and paste it!

4. Add the Keyword in the Description Box

5. Add the Related Keywords that you have found on your keyword research to the Tags Box Also


People prefer to get updates or learn through videos. They like to be able to start and stop a video or a tutorial at anytime, anywhere. Why not give them what they are asking for?


Creating an effective video marketing strategy for your business

  • Make sure that your videos are relevant, have good content and is very informative
  • Also, give your video a very catchy title and use the same title to name the file before uploading it. Yes, SEO starts “on your computer”
  • Have your video transcribed. The very “old fashion” HTML is a favorite with the search engines.
  • Always offer the option to “embed your video”. That allows other users to have access to the coding so they will be able to add your video to their own websites or blogs.
  • Also, always allow them to rate your videos – search engines certainly pay attention on those details when ranking your videos and you will have a very effective video marketing in place.

Those are the techniques on how to get traffic on YouTube, but bear in mind that traffic is not everything. If you want to earn and produce an effective video marketing strategy for your business you should have a call to action. Which is just telling them why a certain link or product is important and then explaining to them how to get to the goodies. That’s pretty much it. Good luck on getting the traffic you wanted for your Youtube video!

I’d love to hear from you! If you have any comments or questions about how to create an effective video marketing strategy leave me a comment below!

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