Which Online Business Opportunity should you choose to fall in LOVE with?

The recommendation we’ve all heard tans of thousand times in our lives: “You’ve got to find what you love.”
That is as authentic for the business opportunity that you choose as it is for your life, relationships, and lovers! Your work, company, business are going to take a large part of your life. The only way to be satisfied is to do what you have passion for, what you believe is a great business for yourself. Not anybody else.
Find out what you love to do is not an easy step. We all know we should be doing what we are passionate about, what we have interest in, what we love to do all the time. However, there’s not a step by step advice on “how to” for that matter. The guidance that is out there helps to a particular degree, but it’s just a bunch of pieces thrown and twisted alongside one another with no coherent order.



An Online Business Opportunity where you can work with your passion?

The question of how to monetize doing what you love is certainly a valid one. You just have to sit down and decide. The answer is currently inside of you. You just have to dig out and stay away from procrastination. Your brain has absorbed all sorts of information, facts, experiences and in addition it has the answer ready to be unraveled.
But how do you decide which Business to join if you are not sure of what you have a passion for?
Throughout our lives we have made different decisions, created various hobbies, learned a variety of skills, changed relationships, modified opinions. How do you know what you are passionate about now, in your life? Not 10 years ago, not 2 years ago, not somebody else’s dream. How do you recognize that inside of you?
May I suggest? Being sincere here, I’ve read this question long ago somewhere that I regret not remembering and it got stuck in my mind. Since then, I can’t get it out of my life. I am grateful for that. Please (PLEASE), if you know who wrote that could you tell me? He or she is a Genius! A mastermind!

What have you spent money on for the last 6 months?

Make a list of 10 things that you have spent money on for the last six months in your life. Not before, not just last week. For 6 months. You will be surprised with the answers that will come out of that list.

This list has three important rules to follow:
First: Do not try to remember stuff that you bought three years ago. Within 6 months you can’t lie to yourself. That’s the purpose of the list. The ideas of what you were interested and passionate about are still fresh in your mind. What kind of media are you consuming? What TV shows do like the most? What kind of books are you reading? Six months are not too long, not too short. Just perfect! Extra, why not to say bonus thought: I use the same concept for many issues in my life and it genuinely works.
Second: No cheating! Don’t try to include things to your list just because you are interested in a strong successful big money maker company. Believe me, you will try cheating on yourself!
Third: there is no third. Just take action! Let it out. Be sincere. Sit down by yourself with no interruptions. Focus on completing that list without picking up your cell phone, surfing on the Internet, watching TV, chatting on AIM, listening to music, checking email, returning a call, reading magazine. You got the point.
It is incredible to observe how people set aside time for everything else besides themselves. They make time for taxes, cooking, watching movies, reading, playing games, but when it comes to their own particular upcoming future, they do not set aside any time. How much more time you want to have to figure out the path that will change your life for the better?
Adding to that, several individuals have a tendency to make the mistake of focusing on just how to make money. Let’s forget about that at present and start writing your answers down! Don’t think you can do it all just in your head. Write it down!

How will you know you have found what you are passionate about?

Once you’ve wrote the ten options down, select the three options that appeals most to you. I’d suggest you pick up the three very first options that you’ve wrote at first. That means you were sure of what you really spent your money on. Significant possibilities can come from there.
On those three options, select one at a time and ask yourself:

  • Does that make you feel good?
  • Do you experience enthusiasm, excitement, inspiration? Do you feel that you can commit yourself on work and have enjoyable time with it?
  • If your friend were to bring up the idea you selected, would you likely be all over it talking about it?

In other words, have no reservations about it. If you feel the slightest doubt that it’s not your passion, then it is not. You must hunger to get over any obstacles to follow your passion.

Now that you know what you love to do and how to make money from it, you must take action! Most people get to this stage but don’t act. Action is the key. It does not produce any difference in your life if you spend the time to understand, acknowledge what you are passionate about but don’t take the action required.
Invest in yourself by mastering how to grow, set goals, manage your time, eliminate fear, doubt, think positively, visualize. Live the life you want, not the one that others have set for you.

As Jim Rohn says:
“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment! 

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