Video Intro: The Best Ways To Add An Intro Into Your Video

Video Intro

Video Intro

Video Intro

Now that you’ve decided to start on video marketing, you then face one of the challenges of making a video: making a video intro! Now you might think that, “what?” should I pay special attention to the intro? Well, that’s a definite yes. Most people miss this point, which causes them to fail on their videos almost all the time. There is more to the video intro that you can possibly tell.

All of us want our videos to stand out. Unfortunately, most people judge videos with just the first 15 seconds! It’s a sad truth, but you can always do something to make the odds on your favor. How? By using the following techniques:


What every one of your videos needs

1. A Video Intro or Video Bumper
What this video is about
Why they are paying attention to you

2. The Content You
Promised to Your

3. Your Call to


Watch The Video Below


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However, before we proceed, you should know what are the three essential parts of a video.  You ought to distinguish them and know their roles. These are the video intro, the content that you promised, and the call to action, which is usually found in the end. These three work hand in hand to make up the optimum video.


1. Make a Video Intro – or a Video Bumper


A video intro can tell a thousand words in just a small amount of time. You want your intros to tell a subtle story while not actually telling it yet. Sounds confusing? Well, not really. All you have to do is to “hint” your audience on what the video is all about and why they should pay attention at all.


The key point is here is to imprint. Make it noticeable. Branding is a good idea and it happens around the first 5 seconds of the video. It can be a series of images, music or anything that makes the people, including you, to verb out “wow”. This should be consistent with related videos on your channel.


As your viewers notice this consistent video intro, you get to give them familiarity, which leads us to our next point.


2. Make sure the video intro sets the tones and show that it is legit


All these things are achievable with the video intro alone. It should somehow show professionalism. So basically, everything should coincide, there shouldn’t be too much sound effects if you want to have a calmer tone, a fast pace music may be needed to excite viewers. This all depends on what you are trying to sell them. Always think about your end goal and product when setting the mood of the video intro.


3. Be direct brief and specific

You don’t want to waste 10 seconds for an intro, 5 to 7 seconds is already enough. Try to make it brief and specific but at the same time worth looking at. A bit of pre-evaluation can help you get the best video intro ideas.


4. Make the lasting impression

A video intro should create a lasting impression. To achieve this, you want to add a logo design – definitely one that is eye catching.


Logo design can be difficult to create but you can easily get someone to make it for you or go online for some programs. However, if you like to experiment and create one of your own, you can always go for easy to use programs such as Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas or even Windows Movie Maker. But then again, you don’t need to learn tough designing to get the best logo. Great ideas always count.


So those are the secrets in making the best video intro. Hope you apply it and get big results!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below 🙂


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