What to look for in an Internet Marketing Coach before the mess is done

internet marketing coachInternet marketing coach search online can be confusing, time consuming and there is a huge risk of you making the wrong choice. There are many crucial things you need to look for in a coach whether they are new on Network Marketing or has years of experience. Everyone starts at some point, some level. However, there is a wrong way followed by many, as there is the right way to start. As Anthony Robbins says “any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever”. I wish you decide well.

You may be enlightened by gurus and internet marketing coach who assure a great deal and run out to deliver. It’s easy to expend a lot of heavy earned money on ineffective tools and bad formed training. Purchasing training course after training course and work from people who honestly – don’t contribute you the period of time of day will get you nowhere.

Know what to look for an internet marketing coach before “the mess” is done ..

When you are at the beginning of the Online Network Marketing journey, the biggest tendency is to choose an internet marketing coach based on who makes the most money in XYZ Company. Also who is the famous “Guru” of all times. When you see someone earning hundreds of thousand of dollars, with huge organization you might think that is the “perfect internet marketing coach “. Right? BIG mistake especially if you are just getting started.
Yes, those sponsors are brilliant, inspiring, the reason why we know that Online Network Marketing works and also why we jumped right into it. What needs to be evaluated in this case is that they are, for a fact very famous, they are making real money but are they going to be available to you? I’m not talking about the coach holding your hand all the way to success and doing everything for you. That won’t happen. That is not an entrepreneur mindset. If you think like that, start working on that as soon as possible. You are the one who needs to step up and do whatever it takes to grow. A coach will not do the work for you. A coach will not give you all the answers. Therefore, a coach will show you where to look for the solutions to what’s holding you back and show you the right way to do business. Go it? Now, is that famous “Guru” going to have the time to do that with you personally?
Those “Social Media Celebrities” or “Rock Stars Gurus” are extremely busy running their huge organization. You are not going to have a one-on-one coaching that you need at least to get started and get going. After awhile you’ll come to the painful realization: that coach is not for you, the mess is already done, you are stuck with a company that you may not like and you have already lost thousands of dollars for nothing.

You will need internet marketing coach who has the time to work with you personally and develop you into the leader you wish to become. Nobody is going to do your work for you. But you have to align yourself with somebody that can coach you, teach you, be there to support you along the way.

A must have mentality when choosing an internet marketing coach

You need a coach who will help you to develop your LEADERSHIP skills.
You need a coach who will help you when you need it by showing you how to SOLVE a problem.
You need a coach who tells you the TRUTH. That tells you and guides you with what you really need to hear, not what you want to hear. That will help you make the kind of money you want, but that it’s going to be one of the most challenging things you’ve done so far in your life. That it’s going to be rewarding with amazing self growth that you can’t imagine. An internet marketing coach with whom you enjoy conversing and interacting with. Someone who will carry you below their wing and help you step-by-step with a actual concern in the long-term attainment of your project. But it will take work, time, and certainly make you get out of your comfort zone.Other words, you need a internet marketing coach that will help you become a leader, not someone just blindly following a system. You need a person that can help you make BIG money by being a leader. You require a coach that will empower you to lead.

Team Work – Everyone achieves more with true commitment and believes

Having a TEAM for constant support and a good internet marketing coach,  new ideas can be huge especially if you are willing to really learn, apply what you’ve learned and grow faster. If you are in a well based true team, everyone is there to help each other. There is nothing to do with money, they don’t directly financially benefit from your success. They exchange all sorts of information based in each and everyone’s strengths and a huge variety of information/knowledge/skills that can be shared any time to help everyone.
Having success in network marketing is also highly determined by the level of commitment and belief that the internet marketing coach and also the team that he or she belongs to. Analyze everything before jumping into a coaching program by asking yourself questions such as: Are they really active? Do they go to any event? Do they have good connections? Are they participating in other projects? If I need too, can I have basic orientation on how to create my blog, social media on a one-to-one coaching and also have my questions answered by the team anytime?
If the answers are positive, that’s going to determine how much time period and effort they will take in truly develop YOU into the leader you desire to become. Liked the coach, liked the program, liked the like-minded group? You are in the right path!


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