Jonathan Budd – Unstoppable Entrepreneur Live Immersion Event. Was it all fun and games?

Should I’ve gone to the event to have as much fun as I could have?

Well…. Yes! We all had lots of fun! But I didn’t go JUST for the tremendous amount of fun that we all knew we were going to have at the First Jonathan Budd‘s Event.

Please don’t take the wrong impression at the beginning of the video below..

No, we were NOT at a San Diego’s Nightclub! That was at THE EVENT!


In reality that was one of the “rest / relax / have fun” moments that Jonathan Budd would give us after a long period of time working/learning/discovering/immersing.

Live Immersion. There were no better words for the event. Unstoppable Entrepreneur we became after indescribable deep immersion that we did into ourselves.

The World is changing. We need to evolve. Necessary is to re-think what’s life about. Do I know my purpose in life? Is it that important?

What is your mission? Do you live life with purpose? Are you accessing the full potential of your heart right now?

It is time for a massive shift, a massive transformation, a massive re-evaluation of our lives. It is a new era. Be an entrepreneur now has a different meaning.

Jonathan Budd gave us an outstanding bonus event right after The Unstoppable Entrepreneur. With a deep immersion in myself that made me re-evaluate my purpose in life, “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium” literally woke me up. Right there, I finally got it. Now I know what I’m in this planet for. Do you know why you are here for?

Those questions can’t be denied anymore. Yes we can become rich. We can become a millionaire. Nothing matters if we don’t change our mentality whatsoever. It is about spirituality fulfilling, power, money “working” together in the same direction. Now it’s not just about you. It’s about WE.

Live our lives in a way that we can help others. That we can help each other. There is an immense variety of ways to help (just if you are interested). Help others to succeed, help who needs the most, help organizations, help the planet, help not to destroy the planet. Help, HELP!

Income? Yes, but with purpose.

Did this post make any sense to you? Were all those questions vague? Better, was all this information new to you? I’m not the one that will teach you, nor Jonathan Budd, nor anybody else. You’ve got to have eyes to see, ears to hear. Find your way out.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mohandas Gandhi

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