Jonathan Budd – I didn’t like his “Heeey what’s up my Friend??”


Yes, I’m talking about Jonathan Budd and his popular way to say “Hey, What’s up my friends..”   at the very beginning of every video, every webinar, every speech, everywhere. You got the point, don’t you? Gosh, I loved his content, his amazing perspective, his great energy but if I could delete that “Heeey” part I would not have goose bumps anymore.

You should be asking me, if you can’t listen to him, why did you choose his system? Well, I love the “tchau” that he says at the very end! J Not only that you would assume.

In 2010 I had joined a well known network company. In six months I spent eight thousand dollars. I worked my but off and I made three thousand from it. I knew this company since I was a teenager; I still love the products, but the marketing system that they offer really doesn’t work. I had that experience; I learned what I didn’t want to do. I just didn’t know what I needed to do next, but give up was not on my list.

The next step was to find another way to do business online. Now with no money to invest and a non pleasurable experience, my priority was to find ways to grow online not spending or spending little.

I found systems for free that looked interesting at a first look. However, I always believed that if you want to be professional, look professional and have professional partners around you, that it’s certainly not going to be for free!

Scared and afraid to fail and focused on doing the right thing at this time, I spent almost 2 months looking for different mentors, systems and evaluating better pricing combined with high quality. On that journey I learned about different online network marketers. Many of them are also amazing as it is the one that I choose: Jonathan Budd and his “The 7 Figure Networker System.”

It took me awhile to get used to his “heeey my friend”. I’m a very spiritual person and that also was an important quality that he has. I figured out that what he offers is a great “combo” of everything I needed for a great start on any business online. That means that it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, if you have already a business but want to promote, or even if you don’t have a business. His system provides all tools and training one needs plus it has got potential to help you earn money. This system has been designed in such a way that you earn profits even while you build the mlm opportunity. It works perfectly in harmony helping you to make upfront cash. The majority of leads you find online/offline might not join your mlm. So basically, it’s frustrating when leads say no to you. Does that make you down sometimes? It did to me! Just think how everybody is after getting more leads and being successful. You can market “7 figure networker system” in the forepart, and market your mlm opportunity behind that. This way when prospects join the 7 figure networker system, you make upfront cash. It is not inclusive of the various affiliate products which are also a part the system, neither the main opportunity which is at the back end. This way “7 figure networker system” enables you in marketing to anybody plus fund the marketing in the process.

The reason why internet affiliate marketing is becoming so important to generate profits is because of growing popularity of links to different sites. Affiliate marketing is one of the key strategies to make unlimited money. The network of partners online refers your website for business.

When you add affiliate programs, you add a lot of value to your site and there are chances of maximum potential revenue. In order to know about the fundamentals you will need a guide on affiliate marketing. That guide will be teaching you about the basics. “The 7 figure networker system” will enable you to make profits from all the leads under you.

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