10 Magical Words And Phrases To Increase The Selling Power Of Your Online Copywriting

Online Copywriting

One of the reasons that online copywriting is important: it creates a force that will generate that heart-pumping “I must have this  right now” buying response in any customer. As a result, you generate more leads, get more sales conversions and your business can  skyrock as never before. But how to apply that into your online business?

Online Copywriting Is Also Important..

  • It creates a conversation between you and your customers
  • It boosts response
  • It melts sales resistance
  • It builds profits
  • It improves search engine rank
  • Etc.
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10 Magical Words to Attract Attention


You can use these words in headlines, sub-headlines, PPC ads, Pages, Titles and in copy itself:


1. FREE – free e-book details the secrets to generating your first dollar online

2. YOU / YOUR – “Are YOU struggling to generate leads online?

3. ANNOUNCING – Announcing the launch “XYZ”

4. INTRODUCING – Introducing a revolutionary system that will help you produce results in your business

5. NEW – This “new” system has proven to create multiple thousand person downlines.

6. SECRET – The Secret to success is not as difficult as some would like for you to believe

7. HOW TO – How to create a copy that will attract an endless stream of prospects into your business

8. GUARANTEE(D) – This course is guaranteed to help produce results in your business..or your money back

9. MAGICAL – This simple, yet almost magical trick has resulted in 442 Leads in a single day

10. EASY – Follow these easy directions and you will be amazed at the results.


7 Words And Phrases To Increase Your Online Copywriting Skills


Quickly, easily, naturally. Example – Add the word quickly to the following statement: This software will () help you increase your sales.

• Use Soft Lead Ins to ease your prospect into thinking of buying from you.

Example on how to a differentiated online copywriting: rather than stating “Purchase this program now, for a trial offer of $1,” you could say, “You are invited to take a test drive of our program for a full week at the trial cost of only $1.”

• Trance words – Suddenly, amazing, discover.

An example would be – “Discover how powerful these new copywriting techniques are.”

Whether you’re looking to sell something, call attention or build traffic, online copyriting skills will dictate  how much of the persuasion you are able to create on your own. That will also dictate your success in any business online. Vitoria Castro PS: This information was provided by Jon Mroz – New Special Training to generate leads with online copywriting.

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