4 Personal Branding Tips For Video That Sells YOU

Personal Branding Tips

Looking to figure out your own personal branding technique online is quite difficult if you don’t know where to start. Hence, it is important to research first some personal branding tips so that you can utilize yourself with the different ways of personal branding online.

There are loads of personal branding tips that you can find inside the Internet circle, this may just confuse you with their huge number, and your brain can’t take it all. Except if you have an Einstein-like mind and you can be able to absorb all of them.

Nevertheless, even you’re genius enough to get all those. This information is about the best personal branding tips and might still be a good addition into your recent gains.

Watch the video to see the Big Picture!

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Personal Branding Tips #1: Know Your Audience!

One of the most common mistakes of people who take their personal branding on videos is that they do not know how to talk appropriately with their viewers.







To make your personal marketing more effective, it is very important that you know the targeted type of viewers you are going to direct your video to.

If it is possible, you should take down their age group, gender and interests. One way that you can do that is by going to your Youtube channel and select “Channel Stats” as you can see on the picture above. Also, go through all of the information that they can provide(as you can see on the image on the left side as well). That way you can easily sort out the mood of communication you are going to take while you are taking your personal branding to the next level.


Personal Branding Tips #2: Story Telling

Many video bloggers fail to properly use the power of storytelling, specially the personal ones. There is no one like you. Everyone has a different and unique story to share. Make it available to your viewers and they will respond to that positively. Do that once in awhile in your videos and you will notice the difference. It’s the “know, like and trust” factor helping you!  That is HUGE!


Personal Branding Tips #3: Make Yourself Confident!

“Action is louder than words”

Even if you are knowledgeable, if your gesture is not similar with the movements of your lips, or to what you are trying to communicate, all your efforts in taking your video is just a waste. Your viewers will not believe in you if you don’t appear confident in front of that video. It is crucial that you show them that you are a trustworthy person. It is also important that while you are making your video, you must be in respectable clothing. No fancy clothes needed though. But you should appear that you are taking your branding seriously (even if you don’t believe in yourself just yet). Be confident with your words and act confident! Until then you will never gain any loyal viewer to make a check up on your products or services.


Personal Branding Tips #4: Be Professional!

Well, you’re making a video of your own. You know video is a great tool to use in marketing today and that is one of the reasons why you are actually using it right now, right? However, don’t just put the camera without any necessary retouch on its effects, position and on your background. If you are not able to do this, your presentation will just end up terrible even if you had the very best content to share or information to promote your product and services.

If you want your viewers to see your video entirely, the quality of your video must be highly observed. This will urge them to complete viewing your video if there are no problems on it. If necessary, get a mic to improve your audio, a professional or even a cheap lighting kit  (click here to see my recommendation) specially if you’re conducting the video indoor. And most importantly frame it up. You must make sure that your video does not contain any possible distractions to the viewer coming from the background of your video.

These four personal branding tips mentioned tell you why I find video marketing to be the most effective way to make a name, a brand for yourself.  So what are you waiting for?  Turn your video camera on and start building your brand. No excuses!

Branding is huge and that’s why I truly believe that those personal branding tips will help you. Personal branding can make or break you. Because of that, this is the time for you to embrace the power of video. If you can only afford to do something yourself, do it. If you can afford to do something more professional looking, find a good Virtual Assistant and make it happen!

Question: Is video an important piece of the “personal branding puzzle” for you? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts and let me know if you have had any results utilizing video in your marketing!


Talk to you soon!


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