How to be productive while networking on Facebook

I recently resigned from my J.O.B. That was incredible specifically because I thought I would spend the entire day just working on my online business. Despite the fact that I was enjoying my brand new work life, it didn’t take me long to realize I couldn’t accomplished many tasks on my day either. I got to the point to spend the whole day in front of my computer thinking I was being productive, but at the end of the day, I got absolutely nothing done. How Come? Distractions.

Handling possible distractions

What distracts you? Many people need silence to work and be focused. Some work better when they’ve got music on. Some can’t work with people around (that would be me). Many will need persons around to work. In fact, a distraction for one could actually be an effective work atmosphere for the other. So, what distracts you? You may treat and manage them once you acknowledge them. In my case, I can’t have Facebook and gmail accounts opened which means no productivity whatsoever. When one new notification shows up on my Facebook page, I have got no control of myself. I really need to click on it! Solution? Close Facebook, gmail, twitter, anything besides what I planned to genuinely work on.
If the project that you are currently on does not require you to stay logged onto the web, then don’t log onto the web. It is a distraction. One of those websites such as YouTube, CNN, MSNBC, will drag your eyes right up to the web page headline. 10 or 20 minutes future you’ll return to work (perhaps). Can you feel and see what I mean?
On the other hand, if what you are working on requires you to be online, open only what is related to your own project, absolutely nothing else.
Network with your audience is highly beneficial as well as a must have in any business over the internet. Though. In that respect are methods to do so. Once again, taking myself as an example, search at those tempting and necessary distractions up to three or four times a day maximum has incredible increased my productivity. Decrease it for two times a day will work properly also. It depends on what sort your organization or business is. I’m sure nobody is actually heading to die if we don’t respond the latest notifications on Facebook or e-mail 🙂

Indispensable tips to organize your Facebook & Gmail Notifications


Plan and time your tasks

Whether you are writing an article, or browsing through your own feeds, time the tasks.
It is pretty crucial to accept normal breaks and have the eyes off the computer. Working for extended hours within the same place and position isn’t nice for your healthy and wellness.
Work in between one hour, one hour and a half to do a task and do it. When next time block comes out, move on to the next task even though you have not completed the last one. It’s common sense that a change can be as effective as a rest. If you separate the work into manageable chunks, switching tasks after certain period of time, you’ll feel much less tired and more motivated.

Discipline is the key

After you’ve established a regular routine, remain true to what you are doing. It becomes a habit and increases your discipline. When you begin breaking the routine and creating exceptions, it begins to work against you after a period of time. The exceptions will become the new habit instead of the focused routine you’ve so hard worked to create.

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