Video & Business IV: Screencast for Business – How to Create Attractive Video Tutorials

Screencast for Business

It is one of the most important aspects when you want to succeed in video marketing. This post will teach you how to create attractive video tutorials.

It’s basically the recording of the computer screen or a screen capture to give instructions.

There are several main points to keep in mind when creating Screencast

  • There should be a good content or purpose
  • Maximize the use of text and images as visual aids
  • It should be entertaining or engaging

Watch the video below to find out the best strategies to use when creating a screencast for business:



Those main points will be used throughout your screencast making. The one that especially needs elaboration is the good content or purpose of your screencast for business.

To exactly know and define your content you want to ask yourself several questions. Such as:

  • What are the tasks you want to demonstrate or share?
  • Is this just a single screencast or a series?
  • How long do you intend to keep the screencast?
  • Are there specific tasks you want your audience to learn? Or what are the things you want them to apply after seeing the video?
  • What is the benefit of this video to you and to your audience?

Answering these questions will give you a good idea on what to show your audience in your screencast. You then proceed to the steps.


Steps to make attractive videos

First step: Engagement

Since screencast for business mostly are tutorials and instructions, you want to make it engaging.

Here are some tips to make the screencast a lot more engaging

  • Add an interesting background music (make sure you have the legal rights)
  • Interesting voice over scripts
  • Humor can be added
  • Visual effects

Only capture part of your screen. This gets away from all the clutter and the useless areas such as the doc or taskbar.


Second step: Let it flow


Alright. A common mistake of most people is that they don’t actually plan on what to say, breaking the flow of the screencast.

Focus on points and make sure you tackle them in the most tactical and logical way.

Here are some important things to note in this step

  • Make a flow chart or diagram of the points you need to mention. This becomes your storyboard.
  • Provide a gap between two main points. This allows audience to absorb the concepts.
  • Adding transition effects after each key point is another technique you may add.
  • Add a video intro and some logo in the end. A little bit of branding adds a professional touch.


Third step: Narrating


Though some screencasts may not need voice overs and narrations, it can still be used as a great way to engage audience.

First thing you need to have in mind when narrating is to love your voice. If you think you hate your voice, then you wont get any better results. Try to boost your confidence and practice!

Remember that you need to give people a chance to like you. Letting them know your voice is actually the answer to this!


Fourth step: Video Editing


This is really simple since there is a lot of easy to use movie editing application.

Screencast for BusinessDon’t worry if you have no knowledge in editing. You just have to check on several things.

  • Make sure all the clips, portions, or segments are included
  • Trim the video if needed
  • Make it look presentable


Fifth step: The art of Screencasting for Business


By now you have the necessary things for your screencast video, however do you really know what screencast means?

It’s about bringing the classroom feel to a media presentation online while having limitless viewers! Knowing the importance of screencast for business is a major step in making it attractive.

You should act like a professional instructor, which means giving the viewers the power to learn and move on their own pace. This is something screencasts can do while not necessarily in traditional classrooms.

Always deliver a clear, concise, and complete instructions – nothing is more attractive than this.

Of course, utilize the power of having the screencast for business online. Export and upload your videos with the right settings such as medium to high quality, with no smaller than 600 pixels. Then choose a reliable web host.

Screencast for Business: Increase your site’s traffic

Tracking goal conversions is also important to track the progress of your screencast for business. Use your screencast to attract people to your website.

Add some call to action to it as always. Those are the simple techniques on how to make attractive video tutorials with screencast for business.

Have you tried to create a screencast before? Let me know about your experience by leaving me a comment below!


To your success,


Vitoria Castro

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