Afraid of Heights, Yet Skydiving? Because It’s My Birthright.

Skydiving in Puerto Rico!

SKYDIVING IN PUERTO RICO. Fashion was the last thing on my mind. Nothing against t-shirts, but I like more feminine clothing and I don’t even own one. They recommended wearing one, so my husband lent me his “Better Call Saul” shirt.
Husband: “You look so different, so cute!”
Me: “Sure! You’ve never seen me in a t-shirt in the entire seven years we’ve known each other!
Husband: “Yeah, that’s true!”

Conversation Between My Husband and I 

Me: Baby we should do something different when we go to Puerto Rico on vacation.

Husband: Yes we should! ..Like what?

Me: I don’t know…maybe scuba diving?


Me: so…

Husband: I don’t know…What about Skydiving? 

Me: SKYDIVING??? OMG…but that’s the thing that I always said I wouldn’t do it. I’m afraid of heights, remember? What if I do something wrong? What if I just don’t do anything and something bad happens..what if..what if, what if….?

Husband: Ok. It’s up to you but I did it one time in Africa and that was THE experience I will never forget! That, yes. It is VERY exciting and I’m sure you are gonna love it! Besides you won’t be alone. The skydiver will do everything for you. (making it look so easy)



Me: ..OMG

Husband: ..Yeah..I think the view will be outstanding since you will have the view of the ocean…

At this point I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, fear, happiness, doubt, astonishment, denial, and shock reverberating throughout my body. Mainly excitement.

I decide not to think about it too much. Otherwise, I know I’d say no to it. Finally, my mouth formulates the unthinkable statement:

Me: Alright. I am going Skydiving!!

Husband: ok! (he said it just like that, as simple as it him)

Next thing I know, he’s contacting his skydiver friend in Puerto Rico. I also call them. My hands shake as I talk to him. At the same time, my excitement is going through the roof and I feel like I can’t wait to jump from the airplane(!).

Then the negative thoughts start to creep in—I can’t understand why I wanted to do this and now I’m wondering why in the world I said yes. After all, I’ve had some pretty tough episodes while struggling with my fear of heights. I’ve always said that I can do almost anything when it comes to adventures. That is, everything BUT skydiving. That I would never do.


P.S. Video and pictures were taken at the same time. There are close to 200 pictures and there is not one shot in which I have my mouth shut. I was SCREAMING the whole time, so I’m happy they added music to it when editing!

The Word “Never”—A Potential Lie

I don’t like the word “never.” Life is just bursting with possibilities—“never” sounds like a potential lie to me. Wouldn’t you agree? So many times, we say “never” to things, only to end up doing them later. Thank God! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the infinite possibilities that the universe offers.

Aren’t you amazed by how our minds work? Just now, I’m starting to realize why I decided to go skydiving.

I don’t like having a fear of heights.

If you’re reading this now and you have the same fear, then you understand! But…I’m a believer in experimentation—I’m someone who relishes life and enjoys adventure, tasting different things, traveling, and having fun. Now, I’m not talking about doing anything weird or illegal. That’s not me. I’m just talking about enjoying life like everyone can and should. We all have that right. Don’t you think?

Missing out on exhilarating moments “just because” doesn’t sound right. By facing my fears, I now see that my old “problem” is actually getting better over time. I’m able to control it better now. And, if I can control this fear, I can control many other fears that surface during my life journey.

The Lucky Ones

59683_10151264489175559_639509264_nThe sensation is petrifying. Period. People who don’t have this fear won’t understand it. I consider them “the LUCKY ones”! I hope you are a lucky one! I want to be a lucky one too. Why can’t I? I can still be afraid of certain things, but I do not accept that fear should stop me from having the best experiences of my life! I just can’t.

Many friends didn’t even know that I had this “problem” until we were up in the mountains, scaling a rock to take the picture that you are seeing here to the right! (Enchanted Rock – Fredericksburg, TX – USA )

I didn’t think the rock was that high. Besides, I was already on a mountain so why would I have any problem going up there? I was doing a pretty good job acting (as I always do, so it’s easier to enjoy the good moments with no extra stress). Everything was kind of fine until after the picture. I just needed to take a peek— meaning look down. The rest you probably know.

This is embarrassing…

I’m happy they are close friends. We have known them for a long time (I love you guys 🙂 ). The fact that they didn’t even know I had this “challenge” (see what I did there?) means I’m already getting better. After the fiasco was over, they asked me:

“If you have this fear, then what are you doing up here?”

Places and Experiences I Would’ve Missed if..

Here are JUST some examples of the places that I had those “challenging” moments.

P.S. I’m being nice here, so I’m not showing how difficult some of this was for me. The “don’t touch me”, not moving, feeling tense, the pressure, weakness, shakiness, the crying spells etc (all that “good stuff”..LOL). And these are some of the most BEAUTIFUL (but high) places in the world! But still…

I MADE IT! So can you!

PicMonkey Collage

Top of the CN Tower – Toronto – Ontario – Canada – At 553.33 meters (1,815 ft., 5 inches) CN Tower was once the tallest building, tower, and freestanding structure, but as of 2010 retains the title of world’s tallest tower.

I was still fine after going through the glass elevator that travels 15 miles per hour. Then I went to the Glass Floor. If 14 large hippos could fit in the elevator and get up to the Observation Deck, the Glass Floor could withstand their weight. So I knew that I was definitely safe. I only needed to put one foot in front of another, over that transparent floor. That’s ALL I needed to do! Then I took one look at the now very tiny buildings and car lights half a kilometer away and… you know the rest. The only picture of me shows how tense I was (you are seeing here to the right!). But still, that was so beautiful! The pain went away, and my memory just registered the important details. And…WOW! I will never forget that experience.

Sugar Loaf Mountain Cable Car (Pao de Acucar)Rio de Janeiro – Brazil – Simply AMAZING! I recommend it to everyone(not just because I’m Brazilian). That view is U N F O R G E T T A B L E ! I remember smiling, so happy to be there, so amazed with that view. Sure, I freaked out. BIG time. But that’s not important. That view is what is fresh in my memory. That. Just that, I will never forget.

Mammoth Mountain – Ski Area Lift – Mammoth Lakes, California – USA – I can’t say I learned how to ski that day, but the pain of taking that ride was something else. Aside from that, my entire day was FANTASTIC.

Aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – Palm Springs, California – USA – World’s Largest Rotating Tramcar, Rising 8500 feet above the desert floor (close to Joshua Tree National Park), I experienced a breathtaking journey up the sheer cliffs of Chino Canyon. A 10 minute ride. The LONGEST ever in my opinion.

That was the first time my husband discovered I had this challenge. Back then, we were dating. To this day, I’m not sure he understands why I have the need to face my fears as I do (If you’re reading this right now, baby, thank you so much for your support).

The only thing I can say is that life is meant to be lived, and lived well. Not doing that feels almost as if against the natural law of life.

Some Other Fears to Overcome. Shall We?

Fear of Pushing The Record Button

Button-Play-iconLet me tell you my short story. 3 years ago, even having a passion for video, knowing that I could overcome any fears, the pain of pushing the record button on the little camera that I owned was PETRIFYING. Not only that. Technology was such a HUGE challenge for me. But I made a promise to myself that after I figured it all out I would set out to inspire others with what I learned.

So I did!

Today, I help those who have been struggling too long to get their business marketing videos up and online, their message out to the world and making a living income from their passion using tools like simple Videos.

Fear of Public Speaking

I had a fear of speaking in front of my high school class. I thought I would never do it (sigh, that word again).

I did it in college. It was difficult, because I didn’t know what I was getting into. But I needed to do it. 

And then I became a post-graduate, studying for my Masters. There was no option—I had important presentations to do, and so I did them. Would you believe that I even became a teacher afterwards? I taught at colleges and art schools in Brazil.

DO IT Anyway

The trick to overcoming fear is to do it anyway.

I’m afraid, but I do it anyway. That’s the mindset we’ve got to have. PERIOD.

While studying for my degrees, I didn’t have a choice. I needed it. So I did it.

Being in front of the camera: I knew that was the way to powerfully communicate my message and deeply connect to my ideal audience. There is no other way. So I did it anyway.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m a believer that we were born to evolve. From learning how to respect people, to making big decisions that benefit others, it all counts.

To My Dear Female Entrepreneurs and Whoever Has a Need for Growth

We may not know what it is, but we all have a mission and a bigger purpose in this life. We are the ones who need to manage our lives, evolve and help others do the same. No one else. Nothing else.

Conquering fear gives us permission to bring out the best in ourselves, the best in life. We cannot be controlled by negative energy. Of course, I’m not “Superwoman,” either. We’re all human.

Positive Side to Everything

I know I have a fear of heights, among many other fears. Small ones, big ones, manageable ones. We all do. I understand that, and I don’t deny it.

But I do have the power to overcome these fears (if not, DO IT ANYWAY). And I want this for everyone else, too, whether I’m reaching you directly or indirectly.

Conquering fear can be a constant struggle. I don’t deny that. It’s hard sometimes. Yet, it is so worth it. So  W O R T H  IT.

Last but Not Least..

In the spirit of this journey, here are my final thoughts:

Abundance comes from within. My wish for you is that you explore, constantly reaching for infinite possibilities. Whether it’s personal, business, health, or spiritual, keep reaching for the stars. Always look for ways to evolve.

Everything is important. Everything counts.

Let’s grow. Let’s respect others and be respected. Let’s love one another and remember the Golden Rule:

“Do to others what you want them to do to you.”

Feeling EVERY sensation possible. Laughing out loud, just being, crying with no shame or blame, enjoying life the way that it’s supposed to be …all of this is our birthright as human beings.

Because it’s our BIRTHRIGHT.



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