Stop Related Videos From Showing at the End of Your Videos

Related Videos – Know how to stop it!

You may have noticed that after your embedded YouTube video is played on your site or any other site, related videos show up at the end. If you don’t know yet, these would actually cause some negative effects to your rankings.

How did this happen?

Simply because your supposed to be prospects and viewers are now enticed to watch the other “related videos” at the end, thus losing them to another video, another Youtube Channel owner and ultimately becomes someone else’s subscriber.

Related videos are just plain distractions and they will only cut you off from getting a sale or catch. You obviously don’t want that!

So what do you need to do? Stop related videos! Period.

But before that, you should know and understand how to do this.


Factors that get you the ranks in YouTube Video Search

  • The video should be well optimized. This means it has the correct titles, descriptions and tags.
  • How many times the video was embedded.
  • The positive ratings of the video.
  • How many views and comments are there.
  • How many video responses are there.


All these are factors you want to focus on. If you want to reach high rankings and high sales, then you want to get the most of this list. Stop related videos to help you reach your goal, while you want to improve on embedding as well, since very few people know about this.

Embedding your videos more often on various sites such as the ones you own, or those affiliated to your profit sites are the one of the best ways to increase viewers and ranking.


Stop Related Videos

Stop Related Videos

You should at least know how to embed a picture or a video still of the video. For that, go to the video url on YouTube and click share.

You will then have embed video option there.

Just make sure you change the settings to the size you want it to be. There will be several options available for you to choose from, just make sure you copy all the codes afterwards and place it on your sites.

Voila! You now have embedded videos ready for monetizing and ranking.

Once you embed your videos on the site, in the end of each video YouTube may automatically set the viewers to other related videos. Doing this process, your videos will not be showing the related videos.


How to stop related videos on your Youtube Channel from showing

You go to your YouTube video and click My Videos.” Choose one of your videos you wish to modify or change first and then click edit. Let it play until you get to the last part, the part where the video is about to show related videos.

On this sweet spot you will have to pause the video before the related videos appear. You can do so by going to the right side, on the last second of the video and set a time. Set it for 2 minutes (showing 0:02:00.0).


The reason for this? Simple. It will not show related videos for 2 minutes by the end of your video. I bet nobody will be waiting for so long to check what’s at the end!


TIP: Add a Call to Action


You need to be clear on what you want your viewer to do next. At the end of each video, add a Call to Action ( CTA ). This means they will likely:

  • Go to your next video (example: “click here to watch the next video”)
  • Go to your squeeze page
  • Check your blog
  • Like your video
  • Or even subscribe to your channel!


That’s why, besides stopping related videos from showing up, you don’t want to forget your call to action. It’s quite crucial. At the end of the day, you always want to “sell” something, even if that means just for a simple press of the “like” button. This will help your rankings and it will lead you and your channel to success.

That’s how to stop related videos on YouTube. Apply it and rank!

Now, I want to hear from you. Did you like this post or still have any questions? Go below and leave me a comment!

I’ll see you on the next blog posts!

Vitoria Castro


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