Twitter and Facebook Same Thing? Discover How to Look Good on Twitter to Grow Your Business

Twitter and Facebook have the same principal in common: they are communities. As a community, Twitter also values interaction with real people. Who doesn’t? If the only thing you’re adding to the conversation and tweeting about is a push to visit your website or make the undesirable sales pitch, your reputation won’t be valuable on Twitter. As on Facebook, you will be ignored and left out of any conversion.  Some people will still follow you and click on your links, but you’ll loose several unique opportunities.

Check out some powerful tips to use Twitter as a great tool to grow your business.

Stand Out From the Crowd

How to look good on twitter 

  • The bad news about twitter:
    • Almost every account is selling something
  • The good news about twitter: Also, almost every account is selling something. It’s easy to stand out, just don’t do what everyone else does.


Your Profile

  • Relate to people, don´t sell.
  • No sales pages. If you don’t have blog, use YouTube channel or Facebook
  • Upload a friendly smiling picture


Twitter Basic

  • @twittername = mention
    • When you type this in your twitter “what’s happening” box, you are publicly mentioning the other person, example: @whoisvitoria is really cool and has a great sense of humor
    • This is the #1 way to get someone’s attention
    • D twittername = Direct Message
      • This is a private message that only you and they see. You don’t use this nearly as much


Being Attractive

  • Use the rules of attraction marketing and provide content and value
  • Search out content and value and share with others
  • Share motivational quotes and upload fun pics from time to time using




  • Automate following those that follow you
  • Automate your direct message
  • Automate notification of mentions
  • Don’t automate your tweets

Twitter best friend

  • Automate:
    • Following those who follow you
    • Direct messages of new followers
    • Notification of mentions/messages
    • Mange unlimited accounts
    • FREE!

Great Automated Message!

  • When someone follows you, you can automate a direct message to go to that new follower with s-oomph
  • 9 out of 10 marketers send a sales page
  • Example that works:  “You’re cool! – Connect with me on Facebook –  – Love connecting with cool peeps!

Crush it… Daily

  • Read, comment and Retweet 10 MLM or marketing blogs per day
  • Search out and follow 20 MLM leaders on twitter per day
    • Create One piece of content per Day (blog, article, video, etc.)
**This Information about Twitter and Facebook was based on the webinar provided by MLSP. Click HERE to have access to the WEBINARS!.**

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