Video Business II – 5 Secrets to Powerful Videos

Powerful Videos – How to Create Powerful Videos And Do A Successful Campaign With It

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There are a lot ways that an internet marketer can follow to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Some use articles, emails and even PTC services. However, in conjunction to all of these strategies, there is a growing trend of online marketers using videos as a medium to forward their company’s interests and even rank higher in Google. According to many, this strategy is way better than e-mail or article writing yet it complements well with these types of marketing strategies, specially if you are capable of creating powerful videos.

But why does video marketing seem so popular nowadays? Is it really the best and most strategic way of selling your website? Read along the lines as we slowly uncover the truths behind video marketing and how to create powerful videos through this brief walkthrough.

Here are 5 Secrets to Powerful Videos




Under The Lens Of The End Users

If we are to evaluate the efficiency of a marketing strategy, we have to look at it under the lens of a potential buyer. How do they scout for products? What are necessarily the behaviors of your current niche or market? How do people surf the internet? These are the questions that we have to ask ourselves beforehand.

If we try to think just like how a potential client behaves, we can observe that almost all people nowadays watch videos online. In fact, 60% of all web traffic today is contributed by video streaming. This tells us that people love to watch videos rather than take time to read or click on different advertisements. Hence, if this is the case, knowing that online videos are much viewed by people, why not use it to your business’ advantage? Also, Google seems to index videos first of a certain keyword before articles and other texts.

Knowing all of this stuff, we now can come to a conclusion that indeed videos play a crucial role in online business. Hence, how do we make powerful videos that are more attractive and can really gather a multitude of sales and traffic?


Five Keys To Creating More Powerful Videos

There is a saying that goes, “in a war, the strength of a weapon is just contingent to the wielder’s skill.” This tells us that even an expert in using stone can beat someone who is wielding an axe but is a complete novice on it. This idea might seem quite farfetched right now for you, but mind you this is specifically true also in internet marketing. The efficiency of a marketing strategy lies only on the capability of the marketer to also use it well on his own advantage. Hence, even if powerful videos have a great potential in improving your business, if you don’t use it well, then you would only profit a little or even nothing out of it. Thus, if you want to create more powerful videos, then you might as well follow these guidelines in order to master this type of marketing strategy:


1 – Keep your videos short But Comprehensive

Remember how you become pissed off while watching a series of long advertisements on TV while waiting for your favorite show? This idea also applies on videos online. People hate to watch long videos, hence keep your videos on 2-3 minutes at maximum. Maintain a short yet powerful pace; else, your videos wouldn’t get a chance to be seen.


2 – Editing is Powerful

Mind you, it is very important to review your videos before publishing them and edit them if necessary. More cuts or slides a video has, the better. Learn the basics about video editing and try to get hold of a few tricks on how to make your videos look way cooler and more interesting than others. Add a short video intro you turn a simple video into a powerful video. You can use free editing programs like Windows Live Movie Maker if you own a PC or iMovie if you happen to have a Mac. You can also browse where you can find tons of editing tools with of course some paid options to create very powerful videos for your business.

Examples of Free editing software

 -Windows Live Movie Maker (for PC)

-iMovie (for Mac)

You also can choose from:

You are going to find many free editing tools with paid options also to create very powerful videos.


3 – Music Rocks!!

Music gives life and rhythm to your videos. It improves the mood of your potential buyers and website visitors so you better insert good music in the background that suits well with the mood of your video. Just be sure to follow YouTube guidelines when it comes to the copyrights of a specific music. Here are some examples of where you can get free music:

(a)    iMovie/Final Cut R.F. Music


(c)     Sonicfire Pro



4 –Engage With Your Viewers

Nothing can be as boring with a flat and plain video. Learn to be dynamic and remember that your videos MUST sell your websites. Do not forget to talk to your viewers through the video turning them into powerful videos that communicate directly to your viewers. Ask them questions or even answer common questions that your viewers ask you. Practice how to be charismatic and learn to ALWAYS listen to your audience.

• Talk to your viewers

• Ask them questions

• Answer their questions

• Be charismatic

• Listen to your audience


5 – Give Demonstrative Examples to Make Powerful Videos

It is hard to rely on your viewer’s imagination to relay your message best. Give them something to look at and something to visualize. Learn how to demonstrate what you are discussing to them and give those images and other demonstrative examples for powerful videos. This will make your viewers pay attention to your videos for a longer span of time.

Those are the basic things one should remember about video marketing on how to create powerful videos for your business. Remember to read more about this field in order to become an expert in the field of video marketing. Good luck with your business and have fun using videos to forward your goals!

Do you have any questions? Leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you create more powerful videos!

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