Video Business I: Simple Steps To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

Video Business


Ever thought of earning big from your online business just through posting videos on YouTube? Video marketing is happening right now and only a few people really know how to make the most of it. And were not just talking about small money here, we mean real, major money.


Yet, if this technique is such a blessing, then why are only a few people using video for business? Fear is actually the answer to that. People tend to fear many things when it comes to making videos. If by starting to read this article, you already feared seeing yourself on camera or just the fear of video editing, then unfortunately you’re part of the flock.


Video Business

Video Business

What I need you to do is to stay relax and think of creating video for business as a real easy task. I say this not to make you feel good but actually, because it really is.


With some simple techniques that I prepared for you, which I humbly call pillars for powerful videos, you will learn how to jumpstart your video for business with confidence and success!


Four Pillars For Powerful Video Business


1. Content


Have you ever watched a video and laughed at it in the first minute because it’s blabbing nonsense. This is true to all video. If you want to get real business on your videos, you want to know primarily your content. This first pillar tells you that you should be cognizant about your niche or product. Here’s a simple tip about content:

  • Know your product’s worth
  • See if its emotionally affecting the audience
  • Check if you’re providing too long or too short of information.

With this only, you don’t even need be in front of the camera!

Making it right with good content allows you to feel a lot better of your video; hence, the first pillar is served!


2. Optimization


Optimization is simply making use of keywords, tags and descriptions on your videos. YouTube easily features these when you upload videos. Make sure you target the most relevant keywords – it should be specific with a touch of broadness in it. You know, just to get to enough of the “right audience”.


Another tip when optimizing videos is to adequately mention the keywords or products in your dialogue “in the video”. Yes, the video itself should be keyword optimized! Most starters miss this secret.


3. Traffic


Traffic and views are different. Traffic is the juice that we are talking about. It’s the “business” in the video business. To do this, you will have to get traffic from your video to your website, optin page or product, in where you can make a sale. Remember that this is your focus. You rather want to have lesser views and get better sales than higher views without any money at all.


So if at first you get less view, then don’t worry. Remember that traffic is king. Views are just figures. If you don’t get them to your links or products then its pretty useless. Anyhow, you can improve your views and traffic at the same time with the next pillar.



4. Video Business Engagement


Engagement is the last pillar and to fully understand its concept, you should always think of YouTube as a community. YouTube users, as you are, hosts a community where people get to talk about certain videos, post comments, suggest and promote. Remember that to use your video for  your business, you want to exhaust this area.


It’s not about posting a video walking away and never coming back. Think of your market, the people viewing the videos. They are real people with real interest. So better make sure your videos are interesting the first time, and don’t just do it on your first videos, but continuously do it all throughout. As the time goes on, you will notice significant improvements and sooner establish identity and authority.



Watch the video below to see the bigger picture of a powerful video business


Types of  Videos Business That Work:

1 – Tutorial Videos or “How-To” Videos
2 – Demonstrations
3 – Video Series
4 – FAQ
5 – Testimonials
6 – Interviews
7 – Reality Style Filming
8 – Review Video

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To get the most out of your video business you must know well about your topic, explain your content in an exciting and entertaining way and then optimize it. Focus on the traffic and to do so, you want to be engaging!

To be successful in video business follow these pillars! I hope “seeing” you on the next posts related to the Youtube Video Series that I have created called Video Business“. There is much more great information to come!

I’m always up to conversations. If you have any questions leave a comment below 🙂

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