Video Marketing Myths Busted

Video Marketing Myths


Online video marketing is the highly recommended platform for businesses growth. You are probably aware that video is important and that you should be using it in your marketing. Right?

If you have been “missing the boat” completely you will certainly have some catching up to do, but that’s where Dominate Video Marketing comes in!

Although, today I want to help you make up your mind about Video Marketing and shift your “I should but I can’t” to a simple “Yes, why not?!” mindset!

There is ONE thing that keeps us from moving forward in all areas of our lives. That ONE thing is called..


Unfortunately the same happens with video. The myths that were created around video and the fear of the unknown can stop you from reaching massive success by simply using video in your business.

But what are those myths? What is there to possibly be afraid of?

Watch the video below to see what you should NOT pay attention to:

1st Video Marketing Myth – The Fear of Being in Front of the Camera

That is the most common fear and the winner when it comes to stop so many talented people from being their best and implement video marketing into their business.

The sad news:

Many of those talented people aren’t on video

Good news!

You will be way ahead of the game and bit your competition using video marketing strategies to sky rock your business!

And do not worry. I have a powerful strategy for getting you to overcome any camera-shyness issue you may have! Stay tuned for the next blog posts!

2nd Video Marketing Myth – The Fear of High-Costs

Today you can buy a very good HD Camera for under $100, edit and make your videos look amazing with a F.R.E.E video editing platform such as Windows Live Movie Maker(for a PC), iMovie (for a MAC) and so many others!

3rd  Video Marketing Myth – The fear of NEW Technology

Nowadays that can’t be an excuse to not be on video since technology has become very easy today. It WILL be easy to start. Little by little you can improve your videos and when you see you are easily creating entertaining videos to deeply engage your audience!

Keep in mind that real editing experts work on Hollywood!  You don’t need to become one of them to create your videos!

4th Video Marketing Myth – The Fear of Too Much Time Consuming

Yes, I agree. It depends on what your goals are; if you want something very well done with outstanding editing, sure that will take more effort from you. That specific video can take a little bit of your time. On the other hand, “keep it simple” is a VERY good option! I will make your life easier. My goal is also to show you how to systematize the process so it’s as fast and efficient as possible!

You see, those are fears that you shouldn’t have. Just focus on the outcome and all that will fall apart.

But there is the terrifying fear that you MUST have:


** Your COMPETITOR is using video and you are not! **


Put those fears behind you. Have a look on my Dominate Video Marketing Training and face the fear head on. Click here.

Did you believe in any of these myths or do you have any other reason for not including video marketing to your marketing mix? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

That’s what I have for you today. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new post with videos about video marketing created in Brazil!

Thank you for the visit!


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