How The Right State of Mind Can Unlock Powerful Results

2014-07-15_0743Be on camera can be a challenge, not just for men but especially for women. It is a fact that happens not just because of the well known fears and myths we all have created about video over the years, but especially because of how women actually feel about themselves.

The question is: Is that truly a reality?

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This message is powerful in the sense that you are now able to understand how your mind works against you and how we’ve all been living in such a different reality. But why would that happen? Is that a reason that most of us have that “pre-concept” about ourselves?

Studies show that’s a result of many different aspects of women’s oppression in different societies.

But instead of questioning:

-“Well, what’s at the bottom of it?

-”Is men stronger than women and in which areas?”

-Who is better?

-How can we fight over what’s happened to women for centuries?

Why not asking instead: Can we evolve from now on?

I believe we can UNIFY instead of fight over power. I’m not worried about women and men differences. Who is more powerful? I don’t agree with that kind of mentality that doesn’t get us anywhere. I’d say it’s a waste of time and commitment with the better future that we all need to create. TOGETHER.

Dalai Lama said..

“The world will be saved by the western woman,”. What I understand from it is that he was acknowledging the power western women actually have to influence change in this world. As a Total.

But I also believe that changing the world doesn’t require women to become more like men. There is nothing to do with that. Rather it demands that we women exercise what we have long been regarded as our leadership liabilities: that would be our sensitivity, how we connect to another human being, perceptiveness and even compassion. …? YES, Leadership liabilities.

We should take the advantages of being women, show our BRILLIANCE, add that to the tributes that men have, forget about the “unfixable past” and always look towards evolving – meaning not attached to “who has more power or not”, “who did what in the past or not, who is the victim or not. Can we work on ourselves from now on?

Men and women are just different. Period.

We need to forget about the past, get the most out each one of us, gather WOMEN’S AND MEN’S positive leadership attributes and as a result we will make the changes needed to live life the way we all want. Because when we COMBINE our feminine leadership attributes with the strengths of men, looking towards evolving as a total, that’s when we measurably grow and make this world a better place to live.

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