YouTube Don’t You Love Me No More? Account Terminated – My Letter to YouTube

Youtube Account Terminated


What could be more terrible than finding out that your YouTube channel got terminated without even having a clue why? My Youtube channel has been taken away without a reasonable explanation, only an odd note pertaining to some violation of some term of service that I had made, as was pointed out. It was just devastating.

It’s been a year or so that I decided to create my YouTube account. And in that instant, I fell in love with YouTube as much as I love video marketing. And I give a part of my success to YouTube for allowing me to help as many people as I want to. I have given my ever loyal subscribers, my avid followers and my supporting friends on my Facebook Group ( ) a number of helpful videos regarding my passion on video marketing. This has indeed given me such pleasure and joy to help those who seek for help. But to my dismay and surprise, as I habitually visited and logged in on my account in YouTube to check my comments and reply to every one of them as much as I wanted to, I sadly figured out that all is gone and there’s nothing left of every bit of hard work I had invested.

I tried to access my account and I got this image:


What’s more heart breaking is the thought that my beloved fans are waiting earnestly for my answers to aid them with a lot of questions regarding their videos.

As I constructed this post with the hope of reuniting once again with my YouTube account, I address this open letter to those who might help me bring back my account online.


Dear YouTube,

It’s been a while since someone important had abandoned me. And this, to my disappointment, had caused me such ache to know that my YouTube account has been terminated without receiving an explanation from you.  I have paid respect on your ability to maximize and strengthen my sincere aim to help other people bring out the best of what they are capable of and just be comfortable with themselves. Thanks to you I had reached out to a lot of people around the globe and created a difference to them and ignite that potential in them to share what they know and what they are capable of doing. Your community is a place where I wanted to belong since I believe that you have absolutely become a revolutionary tool and an outstanding help to many folks out there for whatever good purpose they have in mind and I deeply admired you for that.

Heaven forbid, if I don’t retrieve my precious account back I’d be paralyzed. It’s like being amputated and agonizingly lost one foot. Without you I will lose my balance. I’d be stuck and I won’t be able to reach out with those that needed me the most. I’d lose my own means of showing them a perfect example of being an able person, a symbol of confidence and self-efficacy that stirs changes to themselves and to their communities through one’s videos. And that would definitely be such a big loss on my part—a big, throbbing cut in my heart, that is.

My dear YouTube, perhaps we can still work this out. I’m already missing you so much. You and I definitely make a good inspiring team. Please don’t take that away from me. It means so much to me. And I plead you to give me once again the chance to bring about change to other people through my videos. Be with me as I inspire other people.


Vitoria Castro – Broken heart in Texas

P.S. To those who have followed my videos and believed that they have been helpful to you, please support this post and drop some comments below. Every comment does count and you might help me bring back my YouTube account. Thanks a lot!

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