YouTube Don’t You Love Me No More? Account Terminated – My Letter to YouTube

Youtube Account Terminated


What could be more terrible than finding out that your YouTube channel got terminated without even having a clue why? My Youtube channel has been taken away without a reasonable explanation, only an odd note pertaining to some violation of some term of service that I had made, as was pointed out. It was just devastating.

It’s been a year or so that I decided to create my YouTube account. And in that instant, I fell in love with YouTube as much as I love video marketing. And I give a part of my success to YouTube for allowing me to help as many people as I want to. I have given my ever loyal subscribers, my avid followers and my supporting friends on my Facebook Group ( ) a number of helpful videos regarding my passion on video marketing. This has indeed given me such pleasure and joy to help those who seek for help. But to my dismay and surprise, as I habitually visited and logged in on my account in YouTube to check my comments and reply to every one of them as much as I wanted to, I sadly figured out that all is gone and there’s nothing left of every bit of hard work I had invested.

I tried to access my account and I got this image:


What’s more heart breaking is the thought that my beloved fans are waiting earnestly for my answers to aid them with a lot of questions regarding their videos.

As I constructed this post with the hope of reuniting once again with my YouTube account, I address this open letter to those who might help me bring back my account online.


Dear YouTube,

It’s been a while since someone important had abandoned me. And this, to my disappointment, had caused me such ache to know that my YouTube account has been terminated without receiving an explanation from you.  I have paid respect on your ability to maximize and strengthen my sincere aim to help other people bring out the best of what they are capable of and just be comfortable with themselves. Thanks to you I had reached out to a lot of people around the globe and created a difference to them and ignite that potential in them to share what they know and what they are capable of doing. Your community is a place where I wanted to belong since I believe that you have absolutely become a revolutionary tool and an outstanding help to many folks out there for whatever good purpose they have in mind and I deeply admired you for that.

Heaven forbid, if I don’t retrieve my precious account back I’d be paralyzed. It’s like being amputated and agonizingly lost one foot. Without you I will lose my balance. I’d be stuck and I won’t be able to reach out with those that needed me the most. I’d lose my own means of showing them a perfect example of being an able person, a symbol of confidence and self-efficacy that stirs changes to themselves and to their communities through one’s videos. And that would definitely be such a big loss on my part—a big, throbbing cut in my heart, that is.

My dear YouTube, perhaps we can still work this out. I’m already missing you so much. You and I definitely make a good inspiring team. Please don’t take that away from me. It means so much to me. And I plead you to give me once again the chance to bring about change to other people through my videos. Be with me as I inspire other people.


Vitoria Castro – Broken heart in Texas

P.S. To those who have followed my videos and believed that they have been helpful to you, please support this post and drop some comments below. Every comment does count and you might help me bring back my YouTube account. Thanks a lot!

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56 Responses to “YouTube Don’t You Love Me No More? Account Terminated – My Letter to YouTube”

  1. Elaine TwissNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria has been especially helpful with her Youtube account. She is knowledgeable in video creations and has helped not just me, but others who have questions and are stuck on a particular aspect of video creation. Please give her back the tool that has enabled her to help the most people.


  2. Isaiah JacksonNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow really, why would they do that?

    That sucks, I hope you get your account back I was enjoying all of your videos.


  3. DamayanthiNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    So sorry to hear this devastating news. You are right I just clicked on one of your videos I had on bookmarked … yea… I got that sad face.

    I personally will affect so much from this because you channel was my reference point when I couldn’t figure things out.

    You always gave me and out group your honest feedback on our video and you showed how we could improve in every aspect of videos.

    I am very positive that youtube will look at this case favorably. I am praying for that because I depend on your videos so much for guidance.

    Wish you all the best :)



  4. Denise ThompsonNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    I am so sorry to hear this bad news. I sincerely hope that youtube reconsiders their decision and put you back in business. I will keep my fingers crossed. Best wishes,

    Denise Thompson



  5. Franklin McQuaidNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, it saddens me to see this happen. I was and also still looking forward in learning from you about video marketing and doing it right. It is my hope that YouTube will see there was a miss understanding of some kind and will give you your channel back. As we all know, there are many people who push the envelope. I have never known you as doing this. With this being said, I ask personally that YouTube, Please reconsider and give Vitoria her channel and dream of being able to help others to master the world of video marketing as YouTube was created to have fun and help other. Thank You. Franklin McQuaid


  6. Virgil CookNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, I have been looking everywhere for your videos. Did you change your link. I am missing your educational and very informative videos. Please tell me where you moved to…

    Thank you very much!

    Virgil Cook


  7. Philippe MoisanNo Gravatar Says:

    Hello Vitoria,

    This is scary news indeed, that of all people, you are not a spammer or scammer. You take the time to support our efforts so much, you’re exceptional in that department.

    I do hope they see the light and reinstate your account. I also hope they will give you an explanation.



  8. petterNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Vitoria,

    What happened? It`s really sad to hear these news.
    You have been such an inspiration to mee too. You have been kind and professional with your videos. I do think Youtube should reconsider giving you access to your account again.
    But if this doesn`t happen please, publish your videos on another platform. There are many out there!
    I wish you good luck!
    Youtube should be more open concerning to this.
    Regards from Brazil!


  9. MernaNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, your videos have always been informative and educational, with so much valuable content, I cant imagine why youtube would have them removed…. particularly when there is so much other rot on there – what is the world coming too if great videos, that obvious time and effort has gone into are banned!.


  10. Mark BensonNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, I’m so disappointed that I haven’t been able to access your videos. Is there another service where I can find them? Should I search or Perhaps this will help!


  11. Liz DialtoNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    Sorry to see this! Not only are you dedicated to creating meaningful content but you’re an avid participator in every community you’re a part of including YouTube. I’ve received several comments and likes on my videos from you over the last several months and really appreciate it.

    Good luck!


  12. DavidNo Gravatar Says:

    This is really disappointing Vitoria. The main reason I went to YouTube was to watch your educational videos.
    Let me know where you find another video home so I can continue to learn from you.


  13. Patricia GrazianoNo Gravatar Says:

    So sory to hear what they did to you Vitoria. Just want to say that Vitoria Catro is one of the sweetest people. To do this to her just doesn’t seem fair. With all the other trash they put on line. I know you only put things that would help others and not hurt them… I will be praying for you….Love ya


  14. Evelyn GallardoNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria – I can’t access your videos. This is extremely disappointing. Surely YouTube has made some terrible mistake and will rectify it soon. Your informative “how-to” and marketing tips have always been very insightful. Is there a way your subscribers can petition YouTube to correct this unjust error? Please let me know.
    Supporting you from Costa Rica,


  15. Roz FruchtmanNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Vitoria:

    I can feel your pain. As frustrating as it is for the rest of us not being able to learn from you via your YouTube videos, it has to be even more frustrating to you.

    I wish YouTube would have a way to contact them to solve these misunderstandings/issues. It’s like being locked out of your home with no rhyme or reason why.

    PLEASE YouTube, tell us how to contact you so that we indeed get a response!

    Vitoria… Please DO let me know what I can do to help!

    Roz Fruchtman


  16. Ron CarmichaelNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    I am really sorry to hear aboiut your situation & completely sympathise.

    I had a similar situation happen to me about a year ago and it was really frustrating. I did eventually get my account back with no apology or anything.

    It is really difficult to trust businesses like YouTube when you have poured your heart & soul in to producing good quality educational content, build a great subscriber base & following, only to have it all taken away for no reason.

    Unfortunately YouTube and Google make it very difficult for those wronged to take action and get their accounts re-instated.

    I can only hope that with the responses you get and publicity that you gain, that YouTube see sense to actually get a HUMAN reviewer to look at your account and realise the error of their ways.

    Trust in this business is very important and it is really difficult when we can not even trust the big service providers with our valuable content.

    I really hope you get your account re-instated very quickly.


    Ron Carmichael


  17. ElizabethNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria I’m sorry to hear about how YouTube has terminated your channel. I know that you have been working really hard and this is definitely a blow to your business and to all of us that have been using your videos for reference. I hope that they will reconsider and give you back the channel.


  18. Dan HarrNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria has been a great asset to the youtube experience. she has helped me understand the power of video marketing, the ins and outs of creating video’s that impact peoples lives in a powerful way and the importance of video marketing. I do not think I would have a youtube account if it wasn’t for Vitoria encouraging me to do so.

    It is a shame that she has lost her youtube channel and it makes me wonder if I should invest in this platform or maybe look to others to build my make a difference video campaign.


  19. HermanNo Gravatar Says:


    Your YouTube videos have been an inspiration to me because you always offer something valuable. I sure hope your account gets reinstated so we call all benefit from your inspirational efforts.


  20. James WedmoreNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria is the sweetest person I know. Looks like YouTube made a little blunder by deleting her content and all her awesome videos! I’m gonna start making the “Save Vitoria” Posters now! Who’s picketing with me?!

    Eager to get Vitoria back,

    James Wedmore


  21. Otoabasi UmontingNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    it beats me why youtube would decide to terminate your account. You have very informative videos, and I don’t see how they violate youtube’s terms and conditions.

    Google’s been making a lot of changes lately and they take delight in terminating people’s accounts. I hope they resolve this soon and give you back your channel with every video intact. All the best.


  22. Scott SkibellNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, Vitoria, I can’t imagine why YouTube would shut down your account. It’s a shame, your content has always been right on the mark. I know you’ve helped quite a few people and can’t in a million years figure out why YouTube would go after you.

    I’ve seen some sleazy stuff on YouTube but your content is always top notch.


  23. DelmyNo Gravatar Says:

    Sometimes we wonder why “Bad things happen to good people?” Dear Vitoria you are an exceptional person! To find out that this has been done to you after all you have helped others become their best using YouTube, is appalling! :-( . . . something is wrong with this picture, YT should be thanking and recognizing you for your selfless promotion of their services. “If it wouldn’t be for you I would have never attempted to post a video on YT” As I learned from you one thing always stood out . . . your integrity and honesty . . . supporting, training and encouraging others to overcome the fears and insecurities of video making. If YouTube has a sense of customer care and not arbitrary regulations they will re instate your account . . . let their actions speak for themselves. . . I just see this circumstance in your life, dear Vitoria, as another way for you to be “a channel” of professional, practical training to all of us lucky enough to learn from you!!! Thanks Vitoria for all your dedication to help others. Somewhere underneath this all there is a reward for you!!!!


  24. Tracy AllenNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, please pass this on to YouTube: I remember first meeting Vitoria Castro as she was super excited about learning how to create great videos. I’ve seen her grow and do nothing more than find ways to provide value to others on her journey. I can not imagine there being any good reason to stop this budding entrepreneur in her tracks with having an account with The Best video sharing site in the world! Vitoria will only continue to provide more value. Please review your reasons for shutting her site down and reopen her account. Sincerely, Tracy Allen


  25. Lew MacDonaldNo Gravatar Says:


    I was saddened to hear of your Youtube account being turned off. I found your videos to be very informative along with so bright and cheery, it is truly a shame they have done this.

    I think if they would really take a look at what you are trying to do, they would change their mind and re-instate your channel.

    Please keep me informed as I would love the opportunity to watch your videos again.



  26. Janet GarciaNo Gravatar Says:

    I am sure there must be a reason that we are not aware of. But I don’t agree with them in terminating an account without first trying to contact the user first so that the problem if any could be corrected. Google is know for doing this king of shutdowns. I had an adwords account in which I had a campaign running, then I paused it (so it wasn’t running). Well once day, I logged in just to find out they closed the account ‘due to a violation’ which I still don’t have a clue as to what it was and they never responded. So how can they expect the user to correct a mistake if we are not aware as to what the mistake is. Many times it’s a matter of interpretation. But…go figure.

    Hope they reply to you and reinstate your account. There are many accounts in youtube that should be shut down instead of banning accounts of good users like you.


  27. Jarrett HolmesNo Gravatar Says:

    If your gonna terminate someones account YouTube, you should tell them exactly what they did to get it terminated. Then give them the opportunity to fix it. A 3 strikes rule sounds great to me. This is a ridiculous problem that many people are having.


  28. ShaneNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow …this is not good. Vitoria creates awesome helpful videos. If she made a mistake with Youtube terms of service, I’m sure it was just a mistake. Dear Youtube, please give her (and us) the Youtube channel back :-)


  29. Andrea GoodsaidNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Vitoria –

    I was shocked to hear that your account had been closed! What will I do without all your excellent video making information??

    Fingers crossed that they’ve just made a mistake and will re-open it for you ASAP – your audience is waiting :)



  30. JessieNo Gravatar Says:


    I hope this is a mistake that will be solved soon. I wish you nothing, but good luck in your endeavors.


  31. Yvonne A JonesNo Gravatar Says:


    I’m so sorry to hear what has happened to you. I hope YouTube will give you the courtesy of an explanation as to what TOS you’re supposed to have violated.

    It’s sad that while these platforms are available we cannot build our business around them. The rug can be pulled out from right under us without an explanation. You have helped so many to understand how to use videos effectively and I do hope your Channel will be restored by YouTube soon.


  32. Daniel Z StoltzfusNo Gravatar Says:

    Hope you get your account back! I am looking forward to watching your videos!


  33. David MerrillNo Gravatar Says:

    This is crazy stuff, Vitoria.

    Are you SURE You Tube did this?

    I mean, your channel was one of the best tutorial channels I know, PLUS, you were teaching people how to get more involved in …

    Hard to believe.


  34. Wayne HatterNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey YouTube, give the gal a break will ya…?


  35. Jon HuntNo Gravatar Says:

    Hard to understand how this can happen when you follow the rules and do such a great job. We’re all pulling for you.


  36. Sotiris BassakaropoulosNo Gravatar Says:

    This also happened to me I had 250 plus videos thousands of positive comments on my videos, then one day a teenager flagged a video that had 11,000 views all with positive comments because It showed people how I got twitter followers. He said it was a scam even if I had 46,000 Twitter followers at the time. They deleted the video I asked them to reinstate it. They said it broke their Terms of service which says they don’t need a reason to shut your account down. And two days later I went to my you tube account and it was deleted emailed them asking why and they told me not to open a new account again and I broke their TOS :-( since then I upload all my videos using amazons3 so this cannot happen again. :-)


  37. jeff RoseNo Gravatar Says:

    This is a true shame. I’ve enjoyed your video content and could tell that you were “coming into your own”. I hope YouTube get’s their stuff figured out!


  38. John PikeNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Sorry to hear the sudden and sad news, since you have had your heart in the right place and suddenly been kicked off this vital social network, without explanation.

    I would like to request Youtube to return your access, especially given all the focussed help to others you have given.

    Best regards,



  39. TycoonwomanNo Gravatar Says:

    Sorry to hear what happened to you. The worst part is the lack of natural justice – i.e. being able to face your accuser and put your side of the case. What if it is a mistake – this whole automated no customer face really sucks across social media platforms. There should at least be the right of appeal. Good luck


  40. Sue RumackNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria Castro has been a consistent and responsible YouTube Account holder, presenting valuable and value packed videos consistently and creatively. She is always available to answer questions and support our online community. To block her account in irresponsible. There is nothing in her presentations that is objectionable. Please restore her account as soon as possible. Thank you.


  41. Tonya StephensNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,
    I am so shocked to hear this! If it happened to you it can happen to anyone.
    You have inspired so many people to start using video…me included. I love your videos! You really are a giving person willing to work hard and share what you know through this medium. I hope somehow you can salvage your account. My condolences go out to you and I hope this is resolved soon.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


  42. Dan MaynardNo Gravatar Says:

    Thatvis really odd that they would do that without any explanation. Could be an error an resulted in collateral damage. Hopevyoungetbyour account back


  43. JoanyNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear You Tube:
    I really want to ask you to give my mentor Vitoria Castro her You Tube channel back.
    Victoria’s videos has been helping me grow my love for video marketing and she teach me how to be within the You Tube guidelines.
    Vitoria Castro has been a great source of info for her followers to make great videos.
    Hope Victoria get her account back asap!


  44. Kent SmithNo Gravatar Says:

    Sorry to hear about this Vitoria. You have been nothing but professional in your marketing efforts. Hope you get it back.


  45. Dale ONo Gravatar Says:

    Dear You-Tube,
    With all the crap I see on You-Tube daily I think you should try to keep valuable, credible posters like Vitoria Castro in your collection.
    She does a wonderful job of sharing her knowledge without being like the constant internet hypesters out there.
    Shame on you.
    Also, not having a “court of appeal” is not the North American way.

    Good Luck Vitoria!


  46. JoanNo Gravatar Says:


    You are helping many and not hurting anyone and YouTube taking away your channel only makes other people think twice about posting on YouTube and using their services. Yes, I know they are free but still they are making money in some ways with more people’s content. People want to know that their video’s won’t just disappear overnight so I think this is hurting Google as much as it is hurting you. They just don’t know it yet.


  47. Dan SafkowNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear YouTube, please restore Vitoria’s channel, as she’s an wonderful ambassador of YouTube, and please create a mechanism to educate, not terminate, people who unknowingly violate a nebulous term of service. By redirecting and supporting influencers like Vitoria, best practices will spread organically and your community will become full of informed users, improving the YouTube experience for all.


  48. LiandaNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear YouTube-

    I can’t imagine WHY Vitoria Castro’s account has been closed! I have NEVER seen anything on her channel that would remotely indicate a violation of terms. It frightens me to think that an account can be closed, without a warning, or without even a letter of explanation. And it also seems that there is no way to appeal the closing!
    I feel strongly that this policy MUST be changed.


  49. Lisa JohnsonNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, I hope this gets resolved soon. You did all the right things and I have no idea why YouTube has singled you out … it’s clearly a mistake somewhere! Good luck and if I can write YouTube an email let me know …



  50. Charles VandersluysNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear You Tube
    I am so shocked to hear that Vitora Castr’s account has been closed by Youtube. I have loved her video’s and see nothing wrong with them. Please Youtube put her videos back up.


  51. Phil SquiresNo Gravatar Says:

    Vitoria, I am so sorry to hear about the YouTube suspension.

    I know how much effort and hard-work you put into your videos and YouTube Channel. Once YouTube reviews your account I am certain they see how much value you have been able to add.

    Please restore Vitoria’s account YouTube


  52. Susan OrdonaNo Gravatar Says:

    This is an appeal to Youtube to bring our friend,Vitoria Castro’s YT videos back, so her fans can continue to enjoy her videos.
    Thank you so much for your help.


  53. Scott ColbyNo Gravatar Says:

    Google/YouTube – please restore Vitoria’s account. I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but she makes amazing videos and would love to see her account back in good standing so we can watch her videos again.




  54. Hosam shoeibNo Gravatar Says:

    So sorry to read about that mistake.i am sure it will be solved very soon.


  55. Raena LynnNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Vitoria,

    I’m so sorry to hear about the news. Hopefully YouTube will see the support from your community and explain why this occurred and give you another chance. Obviously you didn’t know why this happened. I think they should work with you and hopefully, all will be forgiven. This is pretty devastating. Maybe someone at YouTube will put themselves in your shoes and have a heart.

    Raena Lynn


  56. BernardNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey Vitoria,
    I felt the same exact way when they terminated my 1st Youtube acct. Hopefully they will reinstate your youtube account. You provide nothing but pure value about video marketing and I love listening to you speak with your accent! =) Youtube please give Vitoria her Youtube channel back, you’re doing a disservice to people who watch her videos on a regular basis!



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