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Do you delete your old and outdated YouTube Videos?

Maybe there is a way to avoid missing out and loosing all the rankings and traffic generated through those considered “old” Youtube Videos.

You can learn how to do so by clicking on the video below!


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Getting Started


Advantages of  Youtube Annotations

  • Link to your related YouTube videos, channels, playlists or even your blog
  • Add background information about the video
  • You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear.
  • Create stories with multiple possibilities


Youtube Annotations are interactive words that also can become links as well.  They can be created with the help of an Annotation Editor available with the YouTube itself.

Youtube Annotations play a various role as per the handling…

  • Speech Bubble – Display the text inside the Speech Bubble – like in Comic books.
  • Note – Display the text inside the Box
  • Title. – Similar to the Text Title which is Displayed on the Video(not that good looking though…lol).
  • Spot Light – (my favorite! – watch the video to create one) To highlight some Portion of the Video Frame.
  • Label – Add label to the frame of the Video

Where is the PAUSE ANNOTATION?? 

Sadly one of my favorite youtube annotations is gone! But hey! There are so many other advantages with the new youtube changes that we can almost forget about them…right! 🙁  ( I still need to figure out another way to stop related videos from showing up at the end of the Youtube videos…lol)


How YouTube Annotations Work

2013-03-23_1511 First you have to upload the Video on the YouTube before getting started.

As you can see in this picture and also in the video, this is the shortcut to add youtube annotations to your videos:

Step 1: go to “Video Manager”

Step 2: choose the video

Step 3: click edit

Step 4: click Annotations

**For more details, watch the video above :)**

Now I’d love to hear from ya! What are your experiences with youtube annotations? Leave a comment below!

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